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DMC London

The DMC is based in B31 in Wates House, part of The Bartlett School of Architecture. Working alongside CADCAM and the Bartlett workshop, the DMC promotes digital manufacturing techniques including 3d Printing/Additive Layer Manufacturing, 3D scanning and freeform haptic modelling.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Little restriction on design, high quality, durable nylon parts. 
Perfect for:

  • Final design realisations
  • Competition models
  • Manufacture of bespoke or short run parts
  • High quality masters for downstream applications
  • FORMIGA P 100, EOSINT P 360

Z Corp 3D Printing

Explore multiple design iterations quickly.
Perfect for:

  • Early design verification & communication
  • Production of master moulds
  • Full colour printing
  • Masters made for downstream processes and new material applications

For more information visit the DMC blog