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Year 1 Students at Pitzhanger Manor House

05 December 2011

Saturday 10 December - Friday 16 December 2011


Soane Annex(ed) - an exhibition of six site-specific works by BSc Architecture Year 1 students.

Pitzhanger Manor, Walpole Park, Mattock Lane, Ealing, London, W5 5EQ

Saturday 10 December - Friday 16 December 2011

In Soane Annex(ed), the Bartlett presents new work by BSc Architecture Year 1 students which annex six areas throughout the Pitzhanger Manor house, using it as a testing ground for new ideas and concepts - challenging the traditional understanding of 'architecture', 'design' and 'space'. The temporary nature of the installations offers students a freedom to experiment with materials and crafting.

As Professor of Architecture at the Royal Academy, Sir John Soane had a tradition of opening up his home to his architectural students. Pitzhanger Manor's fourth collaboration with Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, continues this practice, engaging Soaneā€™s historic Pitzhanger Manor-House with contemporary architectural installations.