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Images: 2014 Summer Foundation

Welcome to London: The Bartlett School of Architecture Summer Foundation 2014

Welcome to London, the most populous city in Europe, a city that is constantly active and bustling. Famous for its numerous museums, theatres, musical venues, cultural events and one of the most diverse culinary cultures in the world, this magnificent city will be the subject to study (and enjoy) during the 2014 Bartlett Summer Foundation.

The Summer Foundation aims to prepare students for architectural education, within one of the most inspirational and creative environments in the world. It is not only an academic adventure, but is also a life-changing experience that allows each student to build on their design skills, and their conceptual and critical thinking, within a playful atmosphere of experimentation and fabrication. Supported by highly skilled tutors, students participate in a varied range of workshops to develop and learn techniques, including life-drawing, precise drawing and model-making. Individual portfolio-making sessions complement the longer course.

Supplementary to architectural design classes are workshops on photography and robotics, providing an introduction to the wide design scope that future architectural education, and the built environment, demands. Visits to exhibitions, concerts and cultural events are organised every week so that the community of students can become true Londoners! This year’s brief, focusing on narratives around London, will be issued at the beginning of the course.

The Bartlett School of Architecture offers two separate routes within the Summer Foundation:

Route A: The Summer Foundation, 21 July – 15 August
A four-week course focused on improving key design skills and critical thinking.

Route B: The Advanced Summer Foundation, 21 July – 29 August
A six-week course that follows directly on from the four-week Summer Foundation course, ending in a fascinating experimental workshop in which we will face the challenges of developing a building project and test it through mechanical models and prototypes

Course fee:

Route A £1,500 (4 weeks)
Route B £2, 200 (6 weeks)

To apply for the Bartlett Summer Foundation please contact Michelle Bush m.bush@ucl.ac.uk

We will respond to your email as quickly as possible, thank you for your patience.

The application process is now closed.

Additional information:

Age Requirement: Students must be 16 years of age or  over

Studio Hours: Courses are practical studio-based, and run Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, with the possibility of Saturday gallery visits and activities.

Materials Costs: Core materials will be provided. Students will require approximately an additional £150 spending money for material costs and travel in London.

Accommodation: UCL Residences offers accommodation during the summer. For details see www.ucl.ac.uk/residences/.

All accommodation costs must be met by the student.  The Bartlett cannot book accommodation on behalf of students.

Student Code of Behaviour: All students are expected to abide by the UCL Code of Behaviour www.ucl.ac.uk/current-students/guidelines/code_of_conduct. We ask that you treat each other, the staff and any property belonging to staff, other students, or the School and College with due respect, care and consideration.

International Students: All participants travelling from overseas are responsible for securing any visa required.

English Language: All students whose first language is not English, should have a reasonable proficiency in the English language, in order to fully benefit from the courses.

Refreshments: Food and drinks can be purchased throughout UCL at unions and cafes within the campus.

Disclaimer: The information given above is accurate at the time of publication, however, the Bartlett School reserves the right to cancel or amend the described courses as circumstances dictate.


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