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Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


The three-year full-time BSc programme in Architecture aims to develop a creative, diverse and rigorous approach to design from the outset. It provides a broad educational setting within which the study of architecture can be developed at an undergraduate level. It aims to equip students with skills to practice architecture but, as importantly, an understanding of the technological, professional, cultural and architectural contexts within which those skills may be deployed in a knowing and imaginative way.

The programme is based in the studio and the workshop, with 70% of the programme taught and assessed through the design portfolio. Most of the design teaching is on a one-to-one tutorial basis with frequent review sessions; nearly all design tutors are practising architects or design specialists who bring innovative design ideas to the School.

The BSc programme recognises that whilst this education has directly vocational aims, it also in-tends to introduce students to the wider societal forces which affect them and architectural production by stressing the indivisibility of the architectural, cultural, professional and technological realms. It does this through a programme of core courses (Technology, Computing, History & Theory and Professional Studies) which support the design work in each year and are assessed through a combination of coursework, essays and examination.

Successful completion of the BSc Architecture leads to exemption from Part 1 of the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) examinations.

Please see the Programme Information Sheet for more information on the course content, structure, staff and FAQs.


BSc Architecture

Work by students in The Bartlett School of Architecture is of the highest quality. It is exhibited every year in the world's largest exhibition of design work by architecture students - the annual Summer Show with around 15,000 visitors - as well as being published in Bartlett Designs: Speculating with Architecture (Wiley, 2009).

Follow the links below to explore a massive range of student work produced throughout the BSc Architecture programme.

Bartlett Year 1 Year 1
Directors: Professor Nat Chard, Carlos Jimenez Cenamor - Year 1 is centred on the design studio and is taught to the year as a whole. Students learn to observe, draw, model ...
UG0 2016 BSc UG0
Murray Fraser, Justin Lau, Sara Shafiei - UG0 will test out notions of softness in order to come up with innovative kinds of building uses that will enhance urban and cultural interaction ...
UG1 2016 BSc UG1
Francesca Hughes & Gergely Kovács - Using architecture’s ability to mediate between the scale of the object (pipe, rivet, valve) and the scale of the urban realm ...
UG2 2106 BSc UG2
Damjan Iliev, Javier Ruiz Rodriguez - UG2 will explore spaces for living + socialising in the future using time-based tools and advanced 3D modelling computation techniques driven by ...
UG3 2016 BSc UG3
Luke Olsen, Graeme Williamson - Unit 03 develops, nurtures and inspires making as a process for inspiration, design and architecture.
Ana Monrabal Cook, Luke Pearson - The UG4 approach is to pursue hybridised work combining drawings and models with technology - taking a critical position on this design process that positions your work as uniquely yours ...
UG6 BSc UG 5
Julia Backhaus, Pedro Font Alba, Martin Tang - UG5 continues to explore the relationship between land use, technology & science and the synthesis of inherent cultural identity ...
Christine Hawley, Paolo Zaide - We will approach the issue of health from a cultural perspective; whether it be the clinical models of the West or a natural ‘life balance’ the more popular alternative across Asian ...
Pascal Bronner, Thomas Hillier - UG7 will challenge students to question, dissect, experiment and speculate on the relationships between old and new technologies and ...
Colin Herperger, Thomas Pearce - UG8 views creative practice as focused learning of architectural craft and technique through repeated prediction, attempt, reflection ...
UG9 2016 BSc UG9
Jessica In, Chee Kit Lai - UG9 is interested in the concept of light and shadow in the historical, contemporary and speculative technological interpretation ...
UG10 2016 BSc UG10
Guan Lee, Tamsin Hanke - UG10 is interested in novel and innovative ways of interacting with extreme and vulnerable landscapes. We use digital tools along with physical experimentation ...
UG11 2016 BSc UG11
James Hampton, Sofia Krimizi - UG11 operates as a material science laboratory, using investigations of material to create new spatial typologies ...


The Bartlett School of Architecture is a great place to start your architectural education. We offer a challenging environment with an open-minded approach towards architecture. Each year we attract a large number of highly qualified applicants from all over the world.

Entry requirements

Please see the UCL Prospectus for more information regarding entry requirements for applicants resident in the United Kingdom, Europe, and international applicants. Please also see the UCL Prospectus for information regarding Undergraduate Preparatory Certificates as well as English Language requirements.

Your application

We are looking for highly motivated individuals with a strong interest in design and an open mind for new ideas. A love for the creative arts and a desire to challenge preconceptions about architecture is essential.

How to apply

Application for admission should be made through UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). Applicants currently at school or college will be provided with advice on the process; however, applicants who have left school or who are based outside of the United Kingdom may obtain information directly from UCAS.

Application deadline: 15 January 2016
UCAS codes: K100

Apply through UCAS

You can see more information about the application process and what we expect in the portfolio in our downloadable Application Guide (pdf) or in the FAQs on page 8 of our Programme Information Sheet (pdf).


All applicants likely to meet out entry requirements (including those resident outside the UK) are invited to submit an assessment task based on a brief that changes each year. On the basis of this around 400 applicants are shortlisted for interview. Overseas applicants may be assessed without an interview.

A portfolio of creative work is essential for your application at the interview stage.

For more information on the task, interview and portfolio, please see the Application Guide (pdf) or in the FAQs on page 8 of our Programme Information Sheet (pdf).

Visiting The Bartlett

We host a BSc Architecture Open Day at The Bartlett School of Architecture in November every year. We also take part in the UCL and ULU Open days in July and September.

All applicants are encouraged to visit The Bartlett Summer Show, held every year in late June/early July.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources available for personal visits or tours for those interested in applying to The Bartlett.

Fees, Funding and Scholarships

You can see more information about fees, funding and scholarships on the UCL Prospectus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not answered here? Download our Programme Information Sheet (pdf) and see the FAQs on page 8.

Programme Information sheet

Please download the Programme Information Sheet (pdf) below and read it before making your application.

BSc Architecture Course Information Sheet

For more information about applying to study at The Bartlett, visit the Applying page.