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Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


The three-year full-time BSc Architecture aims to develop a creative, eclectic and rigorous approach to design. Students gain the skills to practise architecture and an understanding of how to use those skills imaginatively in different contexts – architectural, technological, professional and cultural.

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Why choose The Bartlett

We are:

  • one of the most influential, exciting and innovative architecture schools in the world
  • located within the UK’s largest multidisciplinary faculty of the built environment, in one of the world’s top universities
  • the UK’s highest-rated department for architectural research (REF 2008, 2014), and ranked the best British school of architecture by AJ100 for 13 consecutive years
  • based in central London, close to world-leading architectural, engineering and creative practices, many of whom are partners
  • host to students from over 40 nations, many of them among the most sought-after in the world for their drive, creativity, and skills
  • the school where students have won a total of 6 Bronze, 3 Dissertation, and 10 Silver RIBA Presidents medals

Who should apply

Highly motivated students wishing to pursue a career as a professional architect. You should have a strong interest in design, an open mind for new ideas and the ambition to challenge preconceptions about architecture.

About the course

On this course you will:

  • gain the skills to practice architecture and an understanding of the different contexts in which to those skills can be used
  • focus on design teaching in the studio in Year 1, developing central skills through a series of projects and core courses.
  • in Years 2 and 3 choose one of 11 design ‘units’, in which you remain for the year, and take a range of other core courses
  • be taught in the studio and workshop, mostly on a one-to-one basis, by design tutors who are nearly all practising architects or designers

Key staff

Admissions tutors: Carlos Jimenez Cenamor, Emmanouil Stavrakakis


The BSc Architecture is accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Architects Registration Board. Students who successfully complete it are exempted from Part 1 of the ARB/RIBA examinations.

See examples of their professional work in The Bartlett Book on issuu.


BSc Architecture

The BSC Architecture programme offers students a wide-range of teaching-focused design units.

Bartlett Year 1 Year 1
Directors: Frosso Pimenides, Carlos Jimenez Cenamor, Gavin Robotham - Year 1 is centred on the design studio and is taught to the year as a whole. Students learn to observe, draw, model ...
UG0 2017 BSc UG0
Murray Fraser, Tamsin Hanke, Sara Shafiei - Unit 0 students will be investigating and conceiving projects that promote urban delight ...
UG1 2017 BSc UG1
Jon Lopez, Hikaru Nissanke - Unit 1 will explore the relationship between landscape, modernity and labour ...
UG2 2017 BSc UG2
Aleksandrina Rizova & Soomeen Hahm - UG2 will will explore the notion of spontaneous procedures on an architectural and urban scale through digital simulations, analogue prototypes ...
UG3 2017 BSc UG3
Luke Olsen, Graeme Williamson - Unit 3 explores the parallel worlds of the physical (made) and the illusory (cinematic) ...
UG4 2017 BSc UG4
Ana Monrabal Cook, Luke Pearson -  UG4 explores architectures that embody a character, challenge a stereotype and engage with the public through all the varying media that the contemporary designer ...
UG5 2017 BSc UG 5
Julia Backhaus, Martin Tang - UG5 Unit 5 is a testing ground and laboratory for imaginative thinking, research and speculation.  We look into the history and culture of a place to be able ...
UG6 2017 BSc UG6
Paolo Zaide, Tim Norman - We will approach the  theme of migration as an invitation to allow your imagination to drift and to speculate ...
UG7 2017 BSc UG7
Pascal Bronner, Thomas Hillier - UG7 will challenge students to question, dissect, experiment and speculate on the relationships between human driven climate change and ...
UG8 2017 BSc UG8
Colin Herperger, Thomas Pearce - Unit 8 will explore the fringes of failure as a space of seduction and a vehicle of creative opportunity. We are interested in the subtle delights at the edges of failure ...
UG9 2017 BSc UG9
Jessica In, Chee Kit Lai - Unit 9 is interested in an architecture that mediates matter and form, and the relation between design and occupation. We are interested in the celebratory ...
UG10 2017 BSc UG10
Guan Lee, Arthur Mamou-Mani - UG10 will focus on learning through making and place. Engaging with digital tools and material experimentation is our modus operandi ...
U11 2017 BSc UG11
Kostas Grigoriadis, Sofia Krimizi - This year UG11 will attempt to rewrite material understanding via a radical interpretation of the design process. In our pursuit of this we will construct a material specific narrative ...
UG12 2017 BSc UG12
Matthew Springett, Johan Hybschmann- UG12 will explore how we express personal and cultural identity...


Entry requirements

The UCL Prospectus has information about entry requirements for BSc Architecture students from the UK, Europe the rest of the world, and details about Undergraduate Preparatory Certificates and English language requirements.

Fees, funding and scholarships

Details can be found in the UCL Prospectus.

How to apply

You should make your application through UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admission Service.

The UCAS code for the BSc Architecture is K100.


Selection involves an assessment task based on a brief that changes each year, followed by an interview for shortlisted applicants, where they present a portfolio of creative work. The application guide has more information.

Visiting The Bartlett

We hold a BSc Architecture Open Day every November, and also take part in the UCL and ULU Open Days in July and September. The Bartlett Summer Show is held in late June/early July.

More information

Check the FAQs in the programme information sheet for more information about how to apply and the selection process.