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The UCL Energy Institute's core research focuses on four main areas: buildings, energy systems, transport, and Energy Space Time.  UCL-Energy has its own core activity but also acts as an umbrella for energy-related research at UCL, bringing together leading researchers on different topics. The multidisciplinary approach of UCL-Energy is at the heart of its success.  Most energy problems are multidisciplinary in nature, spanning science, engineering and the social sciences and therefore different approaches are needed to understand and tackle these issues. At UCL-Energy, we are developing a range of tools, models and methods that are required to address the energy challenge over the next two decades. We believe that all processes need to be developed in parallel and that interaction between different systems, disciplines and methods is essential.

At UCL-Energy we are developing different research themes, which while independent areas also interact, resulting in innovative approaches to energy-related problems

Research Themes