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The Centre for Sustainable Heritage (CSH) is actively involved in research and publication. Our publications are being submitted to the ePrints service, and where possible links to online versions have been provided.

Education and training needs

Education and training needs for the conservation and protection of cultural heritage: Is it a case of 'one size fits all'?

In: Proceedings of the 5th European Commission Conference on Research for the Protection of Cultural Heritage: A Pan European Challenge. Ed: R. Koslowski. European Commission, Brussels.
Cassar, M (2003)

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CSH Publications

Representation and intervention: The symbiotic relationship of conservation and value

Taylor, J. and Cassar, M. (2008) IN Conservation and Access: Contributions to theĀ  London Congress, Sept 15-19th 2008, Ed.s Saunders et al., London: IIC, pp 7-11.

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Climate Change and the Historic Environment

Climate Change and the Historic Environment

Cassar, M (2005)
Centre for Sustainable Heritage, University College London, London, UK.
ISBN 0954483065

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Assessing the performance of winter covers

Assessing the performance of protective winter covers for outdoor marble statuary - pilot investigation.

Berry,J., David,F., Julien-Lees,S., Stanley,B., Thickett,D. (2005).
ICOM-CC 14th Triennial Meeting, The Hague
Verger, I., Coccia Paterakis, A.,Chahine,C.,Kardes,K.,Eshoj, B., Hackney,S.,de Tagle,A.,Cassar,M.,Thickett,D.,Villiers, C., Wouters,J. (ed.) London:James and James, 2, 879-887.
ISBN: 1-84407-253-3

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Places and Stuff

'Places' and 'Stuff': is it only the language of conservation that is changing?

Cassar,M. (2003)
In Watt,D., Colston,B. (ed.) Conservation of historic buildings and their contents: addressing the conflicts
Dorset: Don Head Publishing in association with De Montfort University, 41-51
ISBN: 1-0873394-63

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Use of Archives

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to the Use of Archives as Evidence of Past Indoor Environments in Historic Buildings

Journal of the Society of Archivists, 25(2), 157-172.
Cassar, M and Taylor, J (2004)

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Risk Assessment

An integrated approach to risk assessment and condition surveys

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, Vol. 44 (2): 127-141.
Taylor, J (2005)

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Historic House Library

Reviewing past environments in a historic house library using building simulation

Proceedings of ICOM-Committee for Conservation 14th Triennial Meeting, The Hague, Ed. I. Verger, London: James and James pp. 708-715.
Taylor, J., Blades, N., Cassar, M. and Ridley, I. (2005)

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CSH Publications

Using Multiple Hypotheses in Collection Condition Surveys

The Conservator, vol. 27, pp. 13-22.
Taylor, J. and Watkinson, D. (2003)

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CSH Publications

Negotiating the Environment: a plan for the appraisal of climate control options in historic houses

The Conservator, vol. 27, pp. 85-92.
Taylor, J. (2002)

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CSH Publications

Investigating Subjectivity within Collection Condition Surveys

Museum Management and Curatorship, vol. 18, no. 1, pp.19-42.
Taylor, J. and Stevenson, S. (1999)

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CSH Publications

Dependency modelling for cultural heritage

Proceedings of Safeguarded Cultural Heritage - Understanding & Viability for the Enlarged Europe, Eds. M. Dradcky and M. Chapuis, Prague: Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic pp. 51-59.
Taylor, J., Blades, N., and Cassar, M.(2006)

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CSH Publications

Indexing Reliability for Condition Survey Data

The Conservator, vol. 30, pp.49-62.
Taylor, J. and Watkinson, D. (2007)

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Environmental Management Publications by May Cassar

Professor May Cassar is the UK's leading expert in environmental management for heritage organisations. As Environmental Adviser to the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), Professor Cassar has produced a range of publications. The following publications are governed by Crown Copyright, and are reproduced here with the kind permission of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

Relative Humidity

Relative humidity and temperature pattern book: A guide to understanding and using data on the museum environment

Museums & Galleries Commission; London; p1-40, 0-948630-88-4 (2000)
Cassar, M et al

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Cost Benefits Appraisals

Cost/benefits Appraisals for Collection Care: A practical guide

Museums & Galleries Commission; London; p1-48; 0-948630-64-7 (1998)
Cassar, M

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Working with Contractors

Working with contractors: guidelines on environmental and security protection during construction work in museums

Museums & Galleries Commission; London; p1-19; 0-948630-60-4 (1998)
Cassar, M et al

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Industrial Buildings

Museum Collections in Industrial Buildings: a selection and adaptation guide

by Bordass, B.; Museums & Galleries Commission; p1-24 (1996)
Cassar, M et al

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Environmental Management

Environmental Management: guidelines for museums and galleries

Museums & Galleries Commission with Routledge; London; 1-160; 0-415-10559-5 (1995)
Cassar, M

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Museums Environmental

Museums Environment Energy

Museums & Galleries Commission; London; HMSO; p1-130; 0-11-290519-6 (1994)
Cassar, M et al

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Other Publications from CSH

The following publications have not yet been submitted to the UCL ePrints service.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions in the Conservation and Protection of Historic Monuments and Archaeological Remains: A Critical Assessment of European Research Needs.

Ed: C. Saiz-Jimenez, pp249-261. Taylor and Frances Group.
Cassar, M et al (2004)

Maintaining the Stock

Maintaining the Stock

Ed: R. Brett, pp11-14. Theatrical Events Ltd, London.
Cassar, M