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Central House

The School of Graduate Studies, the DPU and the faculty office have moved out of Central House whilst work is done to prepare for the arrival of the School of Planning and the library.

Find out what this means for you below.

Facade of Central House

As a result of the refurbishment of Wates House, The Bartlett School of Planning and The Bartlett Library have moved into Central House.

The Bartlett School of Planning has moved into the 5th and 6th floors formerly used by the DPU, the Faculty Office and small group of PhD students from The Bartlett School of Architecture.

The Bartlett Library has moved into the ground floor.

Approximately eight weeks of work IS needed to prepare these floors for their new use, and whilst this work is being done some of these groups have been relocated to 132 Hampstead Road. 

To find out how you'll be affected and who to contact if you have a query, look at the list below.

UCL Institute of Environmental Design & Engineering

Staff and students will be located in 132 Hampstead Rd temporarily, and will then be rehoused in new space in Central House.

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Staff and students on 5th floor of Central House have moved to 34 Tavistock Square and 48 Gordon Square respectively.

Contact: Nkenji Okpara, Senior Administrator, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

UCL Energy Institute and UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources 

Staff and students on the 1st, 3rd and 4th floors of Central House will not be directly affected. There will be some disturbance during the eight-week period when work is being carried out but this will be kept to a minimum. Arrangements have been made to relocate exams and events during this time.

Contact: Rosanna Seels, HR and Facilities Manager