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Transport data for intelligent mobility - Neil Taylor

Transport data for intelligent mobility - Neil Taylor

02 December 2015

The UK has ambitious objectives to develop new more intelligent mobility services that uses emerging technologies to enable the smarter, greener and more efficient movement of people and goods around the world.  These emerging technologies include increasingly autonomous and connected vehicles, exploiting Internet of Things connected sensors and devices to ...

Visual approaches to data-driven narratives - Alan Smith OBE

09 December 2015

Exploring different opportunities and challenges for conveying meaningful - and useful - graphics to a broad audience

Rides, Storymaps and Emus - How Strava Athletes are helping London Cycling Safety - Richard Vilton & Jonathan Smith

16 December 2015

Emu Analytics are a young start-up that helps organisations demonstrate value from their geospatial data assets. Working with entities that include Mobile Operators and Mobile App firms, they analyse and visualise insights for ...