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Short Course: GIS for Health Sciences

Short Course: GIS for Health Sciences

28 February 2013

Talisman Training

TALISMAN, a CASA / Leeds collaborative node of the National Centre for Research Methods funded through the ESRC is running the following course at UCL in April:

GIS for Health Sciences
4-5th April 2013

This 2 day course provides an introduction to Geographical Information Systems (GIS) using ESRI's ArcGIS version 10.0 software. It provides participants with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with using and navigating the software, as well as focusing on the skills of data entry, data manipulation, editing, analysis and mapping.

The emphasis of this course is working with health data such as prevalence of obesity in local areas. The course will mix teaching with demonstrations and hands-on exercises.  By the end of the course participants will be able to produce choropleth maps of health data, measure access to services using buffers and create network datasets for calculating detailed access measures.

The participants will be given an overview of several key challenges in mapping and displaying health data and introduced to the most common types of map (choropleth, graduated symbol, interpolated surface). They will also be directed to important data sources.

Course presenter:
Dr Dianna Smith  

Basic IT skills are required. A basic knowledge of ArcGIS software would be beneficial to those attending, but is not a requirement for this course. ArcGIS uses a menu-based interface. Participants should be familiar with the Microsoft Windows environment.

£60 for postgraduate researchers/ £120 for academics. This course is open to students and staff at Higher Education Institutions throughout the UK and Ireland.  Cost includes lunch and refreshments over both days.

For further information please contact:
Amy O’Neill at a.oneill@leeds.ac.uk or call 0113 343 7992

TO REGISTER, please visit: