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CASA's Tweet-O-Meter at the British Library

From helping the London Transport Museum visualise real-time passenger data to knowledge sharing and training at the Home Office, through to wiring up the Olympic Park with Intel, CASA has close contacts with government and industry worldwide.

In addition to sitting on advisory boards and contributing to policy-making, our senior staff undertake consultancy work for a range of companies and organisations in varying capacities, including:

  • Mayor of London Smart London Board,  ESPRC Digital Economy Programme Board (Professor Andrew Hudson-Smith)
  • ESRC Expert Cities Panel (Professor Michael Batty CBE)
  • Home Office Science Advisory Council (Professor Sir Alan Wilson)

Joint Projects

CASA has supported a number of organisations on the following projects:

  • Department for Transport’s study on Spatial Data Systems for Retail Analysis in Town Centres
  • Future Cities Catapult on Virtual Reality and Urban Modelling Systems
  • London Legacy Development Corporation, in association with Intel on the ‘Smart Park’

The centre also supports a number of knowledge transfer partnerships including those with Arup and Space Lab.

Industry-sponsored PhDs

London Connects sponsored Duncan Smith's PhD on Polycentricity and Sustainable Urban Form.

The Greater London Authority sponsored Andrew Crooks's PhD, Experimenting with Cities: Utilizing Agent-Based Models and GIS to Explore Urban Dynamics.

If you would like to sponsor a PhD or work with CASA on a joint research project, please get in touch.