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Organisations of all kinds and all sizes are learning how best to finance, resource and manage projects. In business in particular, insight and expertise in these areas are increasingly seen as a way to boost competitiveness.

The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management is seen around the world as a centre for generating research and insight into the management of projects, the enterprises involved with such projects, and the associated economics and finance that can make a real difference to the delivery and improvement of our built environment.

We’re based in central London and engage naturally through our practice and teaching with the worlds of business, innovation and real, live projects. So we’re excellently-positioned to deliver new knowledge and expertise of direct, practical relevance to our partners.

We tailor our partnerships to suit real needs. We collaborate with businesses, government departments and agencies, non-governmental organisations and charities on knowledge transfer partnerships, research projects, training courses and teaching collaborations.

And we’re part of The Bartlett, the natural academic partner for enterprise in the built environment.