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CPM research overview


The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management is a leading international centre for research. We received the highest, 4* rating in the UK's Higher Education Funding Council's 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). The School is part of UCL's Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, which came first in the 2008 RAE in Architecture and Built Environment. As part of UCL, one of the top ten QS World University ranking institutions and as part of the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, which came first in the 2008 RAE in Architecture and Built Environment.

The School of Construction and Project Management particularly undertakes research in the following three domains:

  • Management of projects
  • Construction and project economics
  • Enterprise management and project business

The management of projects covers a range of issues located within the front-end strategy for projects, project management execution and post-project function and use. This includes areas focused upon, portfolio and programme management, systems integration, supply chains and networks, risk management, sustainability and use from a diverse range of stakeholder perspectives.

The economics of projects and construction covers research from the macro market, institutional and sectoral levels to the micro level of the economics and financial management of projects within a firm or network, for example government policy, funding, PPP/PFI concession contracts, subcontractor activity and the economics of game theory, transaction costs and agency theory in projects.

Enterprise management covers client and project business structure, research on organisational and project behaviour to generate technical and service value effectively and efficiently in project activities, for example through the lens of culture, mergers and acquisition management, leadership, marketing and project business development, core competency investment and development, decision-making and behaviour management. Work is organisational and inter-organisational.

The School of Construction and Project Management has a strong team of full time research active academic staff, and a small team of contract research staff. They are active in publishing their work in leading journals in construction, project management and management disciplines, engaged with government, industry and institutions in knowledge development, transfer and application. Three areas have been particularly prominent in making a considerable and lasting impact - direct influence and indirect contributions to the international development of project management bodies of knowledge, the UK and international development and application of PPP/PFI concession contracts, and the national contributions to enterprise in construction and project management in training, knowledge transfer related research and consultancy related research.