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The DPU is celebrating 60 Years!

To commemorate our Anniversary we are reflecting on the past 60 years of the DPU in a number of ways, revisiting some of the people, places and moments that have made the DPU what it is today, as well as looking to the challenges for urban development planning and education ahead. There are several ways in which we’ll be doing this across 2014:

The DPU hosted an international conference between 2 and 4 July 2014. The conference was attended by over 200 people and featured speakers across 8 sessions. A summary of proceedings can be viewed on the dpu blog, and podcasts of all of the sessions are available to listen to/download. [read more]

Initiated in 2013 with support from UCL Grand Challenges/Sustainable Cities, this project interrogates the continued significance of notion of the ‘urban global south’ and the implications for urban planning theory and practice. It does so through a series of interviews with our peers working across the globe, compiled in two films. The first was launched at a panel discussion in August 2013 at the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) Annual International Conference.

Throughout 2014 there has been a series of ‘Dialogues’ between DPU staff and selected international academics and practitioners. All of the events have been recorded and are available to watch or listen to on YouTube (for videos) or Mixcloud (for podcasts).

This is a series of stand-alone video interviews with past DPU staff and associates. The initial set of interviews with those who have been integral to the history and development of the department - not to mention development planning theory and practice over the years - will reflect on their careers and contributions to planning education and development in the global south. A second set of interviews with current DPU staff is scheduled for October-December in the Anniversary year. The first set of 10 minute-long interviews were launched at the DPU60 conference, and will be available online later in the year.

Building on the booklet produced by Emeritus Professor Patrick Wakely for DPU’s 50th Anniversary, we are producing a new booklet to celebrate our 60th year. Sixty Years of Urban Development: A Short History of the Development Planning Unit adds to the 50th Anniversary booklet, reporting on the chronological progress of the DPU from 1954 to 2014, the principal intellectual and conceptual ideas that have influenced the DPU’s activities in the field of urban development, and the major international events and declarations which DPU has been a part of and to which it has responded. The booklet was disseminated at our DPU60 Conference and is now available view or download (pdf) online.

The DPU will produce a DPU60 Reflections Working Paper Series with papers by DPU-Associates covering a range of topics that have been and continue to be central to the DPU’s education, research and consultancy preoccupations. DPU Reflections Working Paper Series was launched at the DPU60 conference in July 2014.