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Part 1. Why call it the urban global south?

Why call it the ‘urban global south’?

What is the ‘urban global south’? What processes make cities and citizens in certain parts of the world ‘different’? What does such difference entail and how should it be treated theoretically and practically? 

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Part 2: What kind of planning practices does it call for?

What do current debates on the urban global south imply for planning and praxis? Do they simply indicate need for contextualised approaches or call for a reconceptualisation of planning? Do they need to be delinked or relinked from Western planning theory? Do they point to new opportunities for action? Why, with what consequences and for whom?

Part 3: What kind of theory is required for the urban global south?

Do we require a new urban theory or the reworking of existing conceptualisations? Are those key theoretical perspectives concerned with reproblematising the urban condition, reframing the trajectories of urbanisation and development outside advanced capitalist economies? If so, are they rendering mainstream theorisations of the urban obsolete?