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Emerging research on 'transformation at the city scale'

10:00 - 13:00 30 April 2013

Location: Taviton Street, SSEES building, room 433


Photo by ©Gynna Millan

This event has been cancelled!

Transformation in favour of poor women and men at the city scale is emerging as a key progressive theme in the pursuit of urban justice. It has long been recognised that the scale of the city is the locus at which key decisions are made regarding the allocation of resources, the design of the built environment and the catalysing investments that will inform future growth dynamics and prospects for equity. 'Transformation at the city scale' is defined as involving sustained challenges to existing power relations at multiple scales, including urban planning, architectural intervention, and community building. Being potentially discontinuous and distantiated in both time and space, the acknowledgement that transformation is always in a process of becoming and is rarely reversible and/or contested requires a need for continual reflexivity. Facilitated by staff, this workshop will develop a trans-disciplinary conversation about the physical and social elements of transformation at the city scale through building on a selection of projects in progress by doctoral students from the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment and affiliated with the UCL Urban Laboratory.

In order to facilitate in-depth, transdisciplinary and expert feedback only a small number of proposed presentations will be selected for presentation. A panel consisting of Caren Levy, Jane Rendell and Michael Edwards will respond to the presentations before opening up the discussion for debate of key themes and ideas that emerge.

This event is organised by the  Urban Transformation Research Cluster at the Development Planning Unit, UCL.