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DPU summerLab - Medellin: Everyday Infrastructures

00:00 25 August - 23:59 30 August 2014

Location: Medellin, Colombia

DPU summerLab, Medellin 2014

As part of the DPU summerLab 2014 series, we present Medellin – Everyday Infrastructures, a workshop in collaboration with the Master in Urban and Regional Studies (MEUR), Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin Campus.

Join us for an exploration into the city that has been defined as the ‘rising star’ of Latin American urbanism, and into the small grassroots interventions happening in Communa 8’s territory! Please find more details on the summerLab website

We also have four Scholarships available for this workshop, thanks to the support of Santander Universities. These are open to all currently registered UCL students. For more details and how to apply please refer to the application form.

The deadline for application is Monday 14 July 2014, please check the application & fees page for all details.

Read more about the DPU summerLab 2014 series, or write to dpusummerlab@ucl.ac.uk for more information.