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Echoes from Gezi Park

18:30 - 19:30 11 July 2013

Location: Room G01- Central House, 14 Upoer Woburn Place. WC1H 0NN


Credit: Bulent Kilic/Agence France-Presse-Getty Images. First posted here

The DPU is holding a panel discussion to help excavate recent events in Gezi and Turkey. Panelists will draw on their understanding of Turkey’s contemporary urban context, as well as domestic and foreign policy to situate the current wave of events. Broader reverberations of Gezi Park will be explored with particular reference to current mass mobilisation in Brazil.


Yasar Adanali, urban scholar and activist based in Istanbul. A DPU alumnus, he is currently a PhD candidate at Stuttgart University researching space and democracy. As a practitioner, Yasar has worked forthe Red de Coordinacion Urbano Popular in Santo Domingo, Doga Dernegi (Nature Association of Turkey) in Hasankeyf and Stuttgart University, on UNRWA’s projects on improvement of the Palestinian Refugee Camps.

Karabekir Akkoyunlu, PhD candidate at the London School of Economics,
where he researches political change in Turkey and Iran, and teaches classes
on democratisation and Middle East politics. His latest co-­authored work is The
Western Condition: Turkey, the US and the EU in the New Middle East, a detailed analysis of the last decade of Turkish foreign policy and its immediate prospects.

Tunc Aybak, director of International Politics Programme at School of Law,
Russian foreign policy, citizenship and identity issues in Europe, the enlargement of the EU, energy geopolitics and pipelines with particular reference to human security issues in the Black Sea and the Middle East area.

Alexandre Apsan Frediani, lecturer at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit (UCL) in community-­led development in the global south and co-­director of the masters programme in Social Development Practice. Alex has worked on issues pertaining to the right to the city in Brazil, and recently has revised the UN-­Habitat report on the Brazilian national housing programme ‘Minha Casa Minha Vida’.

Everyone is welcome to join!