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DPU PhD candidates' Fieldwork Presentations

10:00 - 15:00 15 November 2013

Location: Room 201, DPU, 34 Tavistock Square

Stilt Huts

A series of presentations from current PhD students at the DPU, reflecting on doctoral fieldwork methodologies.


10-11am: The “scalar” progression of vulnerability: Decisions taken and their effects on local disaster risk.

Vicente Sandoval

I use the case of the disaster induced by the Chaitén volcanic eruption in southern Chile in 2008, to illustrate how specific multi-scalar processes such as the institutional forms for disaster risk reduction (DRR) and disaster risk management (DRM) and the decisions taken during an emergency are unfolded from major to minor geographical scales. The actions and inactions of national, regional and local officials related to DRR and DRM during 2008 and 2013 have largely contributed to the current situation of Chaitén; a city split in two where unforeseen effects of policies are unjustly distributed and the population is unevenly exposed to hazards.

11.10am-12.10pm: Recording heritage areas after earthquakes in Chile. 3D scanning and social perception of the inhabitants of Tarapacá, Zúñiga and Lolol

Bernadette Devilat

Earthquakes have progressively destroyed Chile’s built heritage over the years. Housing in historic areas has been affected not only by the initial destruction they produce, but also because of reconstruction approaches, which highlight issues of authenticity. In order to develop re-construction alternatives, I study three case studies: Tarapacá, affected by the 2005 earthquake and ‘already’ reconstructed; Zúñiga, affected by the 2010 earthquake and still waiting for its reconstruction; and Lolol also affected by that earthquake, but with an ongoing reconstruction process. My fieldwork consists of recording those areas using 3D scanning and a questionnaire to the inhabitants, in order to know their perception of the place before and after the earthquakes, and their views on the design of the new houses. My analysis of the data triggers observations that might be relevant for the design of housing re-construction in heritage areas.

1.30-2.30pm: Organisation Design and implementation of post disaster reconstruction programmes, Case study: Bam

Farnaz Arefian

My research investigates the organisation design and implementation of reconstruction programmes within the context of post disaster integrated recovery. My case study is the urban housing reconstruction programme in Bam, Iran, that was participatory and aimed to reduce future disasters. My research explores the considerations for designing this multi-organisational programme and the programme evolution during implementation. My presentation shares methods of data collection, analyses and some reflections on the fieldwork.

PhD fieldwork presentations

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