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17:30 - 19:30 20 February 2013

Location: 34 Tavistock Square, Room 101. WC1H 9EZ


Photo by Flickr member ©pierre pouliquin

In academic and policy circles the idea of resilience has been connected to that of both ‘community’ and ‘city’. Urban communities in the Global South and North are increasingly asked to be self-sufficient and resilient in the face of apparently mounting and imminent crises such as flooding and terror threats.

This panel discussion explores what is at stake practically and conceptually when community resilience is pursued as an urban governance strategy. It articulates some of the values attached to it and draw out emerging tensions and dilemmas involved in its deployment, asking how the spaces and politics of urban communities get transformed when resilience is used to govern.

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Professor Mark Pelling, Kings College London | http://j.mp/ZGu5a0 Dr Cassidy Johnson, UCL | http://j.mp/Yy08Cs Professor John Twigg, UCL | http://j.mp/X8ByMG Dr Amanda Smith, Nottingham Trent University. http://j.mp/13Qliix Chaired by: Dr Liza Griffin, UCL

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