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ACHR/CAN/DPU  Junior Professional Internship Scheme

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As part of a broad partnership between the Asian Coalition of Housing Rights, the Community Architects Network and The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, the Junior Professional/DPU Alumni aims to offer experience and on-the-job-training for junior development professionals throughout Southeast Asia (tentatively in Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam).

The primary purpose of this initiative is to support the development and use of methodology and tools in community-driven processes. The Junior Professionals will work with Community Architect Network (CAN) members, community organizations and members of the Asian Coalition of Housing Rights (ACHR) in mapping, planning, design, management, recovery and rehabilitation of housing, land and settlement. The partnership is envisaged as a collective learning process with the aim of encouraging knowledge-sharing and innovation development, grounded in the partners’ collaborative actual tactical interventions and local experience. One output of the collaboration is a series of mechanisms for feedback loops and documentation of the experience.

The duration of the internship is SIX months and will start approximately in December 2012 after the completion of the selection process.

In order to be considered for the initiative, eligible candidates must submit an updated CV and a letter of motivation outlining desires, competences and skills (max 1000 words). Applicants should express first and second preference regarding the location of their internship, between Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Eligible candidates should have the following essential characteristics:

  • be a DPU alumni either in a MSc or a MPhil/PhD;
  • be aged 25-32 at the time of application;
  • have a related degree and/or experience in planning, geography, development studies, sociology, international studies, environmental science or architecture, with a strong interest in housing, community-driven initiatives and international development issues;
  • demonstrate a clear attitude to learn and work with a local organization in supporting people in community-driven processes;
  • ability to work independently but also possess a clear disposition to work collectively within a team;
  • ability to work towards deadlines, with an eye for detail;
  • excellent oral, written and visual communication skills and IT skills;
  • being open, practical, operational and collective.

In addition, eligible candidates should have the following desired characteristics:

  • Experience in Urban Design and Architecture practice or in housing or upgrading projects in other capacities;
  • Experiences in writing and documenting (e.g. electronically, video, etc.)
  • Experience of working in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Experience of working or researching in South East Asia.

ACHR will support each of the six selected Junior Professionals with about 4,000 USD aimed to cover:

  • Round-trip travel from participant’s home city or UK to the host country. Successful applicants are required to pay their round-trip travel in advance and the cost of travel will be reimbursed by each host organization upon arrival in the allocated country.
  • Living allowance to cover housing, meals, local transports and incidentals.

In some countries, the host organization will provide free accommodation for the participant if conditions will permit (this could be in a field office or through a home-stay in the local community where they will work). The host country and organisation will confirm the accommodation arrangements once applicants are accepted.

  • Necessary VISA and fees must be arranged and covered by the participant.
  • Candidates should cover the cost of their insurance themselves, and make it a pre-condition to show proof of payment before they are granted the award.



  1. Represent themselves and the DPU to the highest standard
  2. Work diligently and professionally on all agreed tasks
  3. Complete two (2) working reports/publications, mid-term and at the end of the internship.


  1. Select the six (6) participants along with ACHR
  2. Support the participants and host organisation in any necessary manner possible
  3. Complete an assessment of program and participants after the working period
  4. Coordinate the written final outcome of the experience (book, video, etc)


  1. Coordinate and assist on matching approved applicants with host organizations
  2. Assist approved applicants on working with host organization and communities
  3. Deliver the grant to approved applicants through the host organization
  4. Certify the certificates for approved applicants together with DPU and ACHR


  1. Assist and guide approved applicants during working periods
  2. Provide or arrange the local accommodation for the approved applicants
  3. Provide related useful information for approved applicants to work productively
  4. Assess approved applicants while they work and give feedback and guidance when required.