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BUDDlab Vol 6 is now available

BUDDlab Vol 6 is now available

19 June 2014

BUDDlab 2014 now available to download

The new issue of BUDDlab is out and available for download: ‘THINKINGDOINGBRESCIA: Six Memos to Interpret the City’. It represents the reflections on this year’s 3-day fieldwork during BUDDcamp 2014 in Brescia, Italy, which is part of the MSc BUDD practice module.

The BUDDlab series documents a variety of explorations of the MSc BUDD; here it gives a platform to critically reflective reading and writing in relation to field research practice. The series is put together by the students and staff of the MSc Building and Urban Design in Development at the DPU.

Download the publication (link to pdf)