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DPU at Cities Methodologies 2013

DPU at Cities Methodologies 2013

17 April 2013

Cities Methodologies 2013

The DPU will be well represented again in the upcoming Cities Methodologies 2013 exhibition presented by UCL Urban Laboratory to be held at the Slade Research Centre on UCL’s campus April 23-26. 

Apart from temporary gallery exhibits, Giorgio Talocci (DPU PhD candidate) will give a talk titled “Deconstructing Porto Fluviale’s Odysseys: Urban Social Movements in Rome and the spatial practice of squat-occupying” which follows investigations into an inner courtyard of a former Military headquarters in central that now wants to become a public piazza. The work attempted to understand a social movement and the wider process of the struggle for housing in Rome, deconstructing its space and everyday life. The talk will discuss the conditions of possibility for an archaeological approach to the study of the built environment. 

Following this, William Hunter, DPU Teaching Fellow will present “Four Men and a Methodology in Beirut”, a ‘critical poetic reading’ of the city that traces a week-long research immersion into the conflicting politics, visions and approaches to urban development in a still on-going post-war reconstruction context. This was conducted as part of a Bartlett Grand Challenges Small Research Grant project titled “Learning from Beirut” which sought to initiate dialogue and knowledge exchange between different departments within the Bartlett School.

Gynna Millan Franco, DPU Media Coordinator and Juraj Rutsek will wrap up Wednesday evening with a presentation of the “Whose Olympics?” project, an exploration carried out during London 2012 to record transformations in open spaces throughout the city and citizens’ experiences and reflections resulting from the Olympic Games. During the talk the team will present how video was used as a methodology for urban research and engagement. They will also share some original footage that is slated to become part of the forthcoming documentary Whose Olympics?

In addition to these public talks, the DPU is also represented on the Cities Methodologies 2013 by Caroline Newton and Camillo Boano, who serves as Co-Director for UCL Urban Lab.

The timetable for the public talks on Wednesday 24 April is as follows:

15:00 – 17:00 slot

Giorgio Talocci - “Deconstructing Porto Fluviale’s Odysseys: Urban Social Movements in Rome and the spatial practice of squat-occupying”

17:00 – 18:30 slot

William Hunter – “Four Men and a Methodology in Beirut”


Gynna Millan and Juraj Rutsek – “Whose Olympics?”

For more information visit the UrbanLab website