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Call for entries: Exploring the Agency of Mapping and Maps

Call for entries: Exploring the Agency of Mapping and Maps

30 July 2012

Call for entries: Explorig the Agency of Mapping and Maps

As part of the research platform, 'the heuristics of mapping urban environmental change', the Development Planning Unit, UCL, invites submissions of MAPS for the London mapping seminar entitled 'Exploring the Political Agency of Mapping and Maps'. The seminar is taking place on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st of September 2012. Anyone can enter!


Please submit an initial small image (jpg, tiff or pdf) of your intended poster, together with a 300 word abstract. the abstract should explain briefly the intentionality of your map and answer questions such as: Why do you map? Who for? whom with? What for? and with what consequences?

Submissions should be sent to rita.lambert@ucl.ac.uk by Friday 31st August 2012. Selected entries will then need to be handed in as an A1 poster by Monday 10th September 2012.

There are no submission fees nor limit on the number of entries.


The exhibit will be public and will be displayed during the London Mapping seminar on the 20th and 21th September 2012 at UCL. As well as receiving a certificate, the chosen posters will be consider for a future publication and will be featured in the website: