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As part of its mission to build the capacity of professionals and institutions, the DPU undertakes a range of action-oriented work with partners in different parts of the world. Regular contact with policy and planning practice through capacity building and advisory work is viewed by the DPU as an important part of challenging and developing the theoretical and methodological debates pursued in our teaching and research. DPU's capacity building encompasses executive education; training of members of community organisations, central and local government officers and staff of international agencies; and on-the-job consolidation of new skills. Advisory work covers a range of different inputs related to needs assessment; policy and strategy development and design; organisational and institutional development; and monitoring and evaluation/impact assessment.

TAS programmes and projects interact with the knowledge production and sharing of the four research clusters of the DPU, contributing to extending the impact of the full range of DPU activities:

Environmental Justice, Urbanisation and Resilience

Urban Transformations

Diversity, Social Complexity and Planning Intervention

Society, State and Development Transitions