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cLIMA sin Riesgo

We undertake action-oriented work through outreach and consultancy with a range of partners in different parts of the world in support of our mission to build the capacity of professionals and institutions in the global south.

Regular interaction with policy and planning practitioners is central to our own ethos in challenging and developing the theoretical and methodological debates the we pursue in our teaching and research.

We place a strong emphasis on understanding local contexts, so working in partnership with a variety of international actors - operating at different scales - is crucial. These relationships enable the co-production of outcomes and increase the impact of our activities and effectiveness of our work.

We foster two main forms of external partnerships:

  1. Collaborations with institutions who share key elements of the DPU’s vision
  2. Training and Advisory Services (TAS) related to requests for specific interventions which draw on the DPU’s expertise, research and methodologies.