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Dr Giovanna Astolfo
Building and Urban Design in Development
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Étienne von Bertrab
Environment and Sustainable Development
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Dr Robert Biel
The Political Ecology of Environmental Change
Urban Agriculture
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Dr José Carbajo
Urban Development and Economics
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Camila Cocina
Participatory Processes: Building for Development
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Dr David Dodman   
Adapting Cities to Climate Change
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Professor Antonio Estache  
Urban Development and Economics
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Dr Zeremariam Fre   
Political Economy of Development: Land, Food and Agriculture
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Rita Lambert
Environment and Sustainable Development in Practice
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Ruth Mcleod   
Building and Urban Design in Development
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James Oporia-Ekwaro     
Development Administration and Planning
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Daniel Oviedo Hernandez

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Dr Robinson Rojas 
Political Economy of Development
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Professor David Satterthwaite   
Adapting cities to climate change
Urban Environmental Planning and Management in Development
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Giorgio Talocci
Transforming Local Areas: Urban Design for Development
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