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Development of a Public Private People Partnership for Climate Compatible Development in Maputo, Mozambique

The 4PCCD project has been selected as of of the the UNFCCC's Lighthouse Activities for 2013, celebrating the most inspiring and transformational climate change mitigation and adaptation activities taking place globally.

4PCCD is a project examining the potential of partnerships between public, private and civil society actors to bridge the gap between rhetoric and action in climate change policy. In creating the conditions for climate compatible development, partnerships may act as a bridge between development and environmental concerns. Existing examples, such as the successful waste management system in Maputo, Mozambique, show the potential of approaches that engage a wide range of actors to develop synergies for the achievement of common objectives. However there are also risks in the use of partnerships as a form of governance.

In Maputo, peri-urban communities are threatened by increasing risk of flooding and the government is facing the bleak prospect of having to relocate them. FUNAB – the National Fund for the Environment of Mozambique – is seeking ways to make sure the views of local citizens are represented in the decision-making processes that seek to manage future urban climate governance risks in Maputo. Can local views be represented fairly in the municipal planning process through a partnership approach?

4PCCD is an action research project which seeks to experiment with different forms of dialogue in planning, bringing together different public, private and civil society actors to listen to the voices of Maputo’s citizens. The project is conceived as an experiment in dealing with the practical realities of partnership development for participatory planning.

Through a four-stage methodology the 12-month project will aim to establish criteria for the assessment of public-private-people partnerships (4P), mobilize a 4P platform in Maputo, assist the development of Local Climate Change and Development Plans at the community level, and disseminate findings with a view to contributing to the completion of the Mozambique National Climate Change Strategy.