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The heuristics of mapping urban environmental change

Mapping is not only a tool to investigate and capture place-making practices but is itself a means to produce spaces and social relations. Hence, as maps and territories co-construct one another, we ask to what extent can mapping, as a political tool, be a means to contest and re-shape the unjust distribution of resources and opportunities in cities? How can mapping be appropriated by ordinary citizens in their place-making practices? What are the lessons and practical applications that can be drawn from its use in various disciplines?

This research seeks to refine the conceptual and methodological approach vis a vis mapping and develop a heuristic path through an interdisciplinary dialogue. It first sparks of with a literature review on contemporary theories and uses of mapping for place-making. It is then followed by the production of a discussion paper, enriched by a series of workshops with scholars working in the field from UCL, the Politecnico di Milano and the Megawra (Built Environment Collective).

Project team

Dr Adriana Allen
Senior Lecturer
Director of MSc Environment and Sustainable Development
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Email: a.allen@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Alexandre Apsan Frediani
Lecturer in Community-Led Development in the Global South.
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Email: a.frediani@ucl.ac.uk

Rita Lambert
Teaching Fellow
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Email: rita.lambert.09@ucl.ac.uk