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The DPU Photography Project and Blog is a student-led initiative. In total, 31 different students from across the DPU's six Masters programmes took part in the project.

As they each embarked on overseas fieldwork in a variety of locations, including Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cambodia and Peru, they agreed to share experiences from these contrasting contexts and locations through photography. Before the trip they selected nine themes that served as creative lenses for participating photographers, some of which are close to the core values of DPU; others less so and more playful in their nature. These themes are as follows: Urban Landscapes; Adaptation and Sustenance; Complex Issues; Simple Solutions; Cultural Identity; Humans and Nature; Portraits; Under Cover of Darkness; Black, White and Colours; Weird and Funny.

For the students involved this blog became a temporary platform to experiment and explore the potential of photography.  It is hoped that the blog is conducive to a real insight into people’s work and day-to-day experiences, allowing the viewer to emotionally engage with different realities as depicted in the pictures and giving food for thought.

The final blog works as a mosaic of moments and motifs that will hopefully capture your attention.

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A selection of images taken as part of this project are currently being used for the image carousel on the DPU's main homepage.

The contributors to the project are: Rafaella Lima; Fatema Mansoori; Segun Ogunleye; Pratik Patel; Flaminia de Martino; Laura Antona; Jorge Ortiz; Irfan Sheen; Asimina Paraskevopoulou; David Hoffmann; Alberto Piccioli; Dani Karnoff; Luisa Miranda; Allaa Barri; Jose L Amaya; Loan Diep; José Manuel Ahumada; Pedro Mora; Charlie Ensor; Prayash Giria; Acmena Shaw; Yelizaveta Shinkarenko; Luisa Carrera; Emanuel Fois; Emily Gosselin; Zhao Lei; Iris Kuhnlein; Wenlu Qin; Marcella Torres; Maria Amador;
Joana Dabaj