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The UCL Energy Institute delivers world-leading learning, research and policy support on the challenges of climate change and energy security. Our approach blends expertise from across UCL to make a truly interdisciplinary contribution to the development of a globally sustainable energy system. 

We believe that our approach, of bringing together different disciplines, perspectives and understandings, is going to be crucial in bringing about the cultural and technological changes needed to achieve the emissions reduction commitments made by governments here, in the UK, and overseas. While other academic groups in the energy field tend to concentrate on the technologies of energy supply, our focus at UCL Energy is on the demand side of the equation. Demand drives supply, and a whole range of factors and systems drive energy demand – factors and systems requiring the expertise of physicists, engineers, architects, economists and social scientists, to name a few. 

The recognised quality of our teaching and research in energy demand and energy systems modelling owes itself to this unusual cocktail of specialisations, brought together in a single physical place rather than different buildings across a campus, creating a culture of continual collaboration and discovery. Our research, spanning the entire demand system, from consumer behaviour and household technologies to policy-making, has four core themes: Systems; Buildings; Transport, and EnergySpaceTime.

Our community of staff, researchers and students is richly diverse and international, and growing in number every year. UCL Energy started life in 2009 with a research focus, but soon extended its programmes to include Masters courses oriented towards the research that happens here, in which students are continually exposed to the latest knowledge and developments in the field. Find out more about our programmes.

As a student or researcher at UCL Energy, in the heart of London, you’ll also benefit from our close connections – physical and intellectual – to policy-makers, thinktanks, energy plcs and world-leading consultancies, as well as the global networks in which our staff play a part.

We are part of The Bartlett: UCL's global faculty of the built environment.

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources

The UCL Energy Institute is part of The Bartlett School of Environment Energy and Resources, along with the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering and the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage.

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER), created in September 2014, is home to the Faculty’s Institutes that specialise in Energy, Environment, Resources and Heritage, and the staff and students that work within and across its Institutes. The role of the School is to facilitate the Institutes and help them establish themselves and grow, enabling them to focus on and develop their academic direction and strategies.  Read more about BSEER