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UCL-Energy seminar: 'Demand reduction and demand response - the need for joined up policy' - Dr Gill Owen, UCL

17:30 - 19:00 08 May 2013

Location: UCL Energy Institute

domestic energy use

A number of policies have been developed to improve energy efficiency - particularly to reduce demand and reduce carbon emissions,. There is also growing interest in the prospect for demand response in the electricity system  to manage the transition to greater use of electricity for heating, and transport, avoid high growth in peak demand and to develop a smart grid. However, these policies are to some extent being developed separately with the risk of potential conflicts and unintended consequences. This presentation will examine some of the challenges and what we can do to address them, based on developments in the UK and Australia.

About the speaker

Dr Gill Owen has undertaken extensive research and published widely on energy efficiency, fuel poverty, smart meters, distributed energy and demand side response. She has been a part-time Senior Research Associate at the Energy Institute at University College London since 2011 and now continues her association with UCL based in Australia at the UCL International Energy Policy Institute. She also has a part-time senior research post at Monash University and is providing advice to the Australian Energy Markets Commission and Australian Energy Regulator. Until her departure from the UK in August 2012 she was Vice Chair of the Government’s Fuel Poverty Advisory Group,  a Non-Executive Director of the water regulator Ofwat,  a member of Ofgem's Consumer Challenge Group, DECC's Smart Meters Consumer Advisory Group and Chair of the REAL Consumer Assurance Scheme for microgeneration. She was a Commissioner of the UK’s Competition Commission for ten years until 2002 and has also been a non-executive board member of Ofgem.

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