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Carbon War Room Announces Launch of New Free Ship Operational Efficiency Portal
Ship & Bunker
30 November 2016

Brexit’s nuclear fallout: 3,000 cubic metres of Oxfordshire waste
Financial Times
29 November 2016

Areva, Hinkley Point and a ticking time bomb on a nuclear scale
The Times
28 November 2016

Shipping maps win at the Information Is Beautiful Awards
28 November 2016

Hinkley Point payments put under the spotlight
The Times
28 November 2016

What will Trump mean for climate change?
9 November 2016

Solar water-heater market hot for exploitation
The Gleaner, Jamaica
29 October 2016

ShipMap generates gorgeous maps of global shipping routes
Boing Boing
20 October 2016

Vietnam urges China to share information on its nuclear power plants
VN Express
14 October 2016

Hinkley risks being ‘increasingly obsolete’
New Civil Engineer
3 October 2016

Hinkley Point nuclear plant will go ahead after all
The Week
15 September 2016

Expert opinion deeply divided on case for Hinkley nuclear
Global Construction Review
15 September 2016

The £18bn Hinkley gamble: Nuclear deal will cost every UK family an extra £1,000 as May signs off on the plans to protect Britain's national security
Mail Online
15 September 2016

UK government gives go-ahead to $23 billion nuclear power station
15 September 2016

Britain mulls Chinese investment in nuclear station
14 September 2016

Lowering GHG Emissions Gives Better Than Expected Bunker Cost Savings
Ship & Bunker
02 September 2016

Hinkley Point C 'all over bar the shouting"' and a 'terrible deal for UK plc' says energy expert
01 September 2016

Shipping markets must reward most efficient vessels, say researchers
Business Green
30 August 2016

Report Shows Efficiency Doesn't Reward Owners
The Martime Executive
29 August 2016

The highways of the sea: Incredible interactive map that reveals the route of EVERY merchant ship on the ocean
The Mail Online
17 August 2016

UK government could fall back on get-out clause for Hinkley
City A.M. 
14 August 2016

Watch 100,000 Cargo Ships Move Around the Earth in Real Time
12 August 2016

Chinese Hinkley backer is accused of espionage
The Times
11 August 2016

Honorary Senior RA Paul Dorfman discusses Hinkley Point
BBC Radio Four 50.33min
10 August 2016

Honorary Senior RA Paul Dorfman discusses Hinkley Point
BBC Newsnight 04.30min
29 July 2016

Nuclear fallout: Government cools on Hinkley Point after EDF approval
City A.M 
29 July 2016

Hinkley Point decision due as government restates commitment to nuclear
City A.M.
24 July 2016

'Store electricity today to use later' is top advice from energy experts
Imperial College London
20 July 2016

Is it lights out for the Hinkley nuclear project?
13 July 2016

Estimated cost of Hinkley Point C nuclear plant rises to £37bn
The Guardian 
7 July 2016

Ride-sharing: The solution to our transport woes?
4 July 2016

Hinkley project likely to become £18bn casualty
The Times
28 June 2016

Brexit could mean cancellation of Hinkley Point nuclear power station, Government adviser says
The Independent
28 June 2016

Doubts raised over Hinkley Point after Brexit vote
28 June 2016

Hinkley Point nuclear power station likely to become £18billion casualty of Brexit vote, says government advisor
The Daily Mail 
28 June 2016

The eco guide to cargo ships
The Guardian
12 June 2016

Expert Duo Address Shipping GHG Policy Movements at Recent Seminar
Ship Efficiency Review
1 June 2016

After Paris, A Move to Rein In Emissions by Ships and Planes 
Yale Environment 360
19 May 2016

Hinkley Point: UN says UK failed to consult over risks
The Guardian 
8 May 2016 

Has the Chernobyl disaster affected the number of nuclear plants built?
The Guardian
30 April 2016

From pirates to power plays, interactive map shows how Australia relies on ships
The Sydney Morning Herald
26 April 2016

This Map Tracks Thousands of Cargo Ships to Highlight Their Carbon Emissions
26 April 2016

The Shipping Podcast
by Lena Göthberg, featuring Dr Tristan Smith
22 April 2016

Video: Maritime experts on the need to reduce shipping emissions
Carbon Brief
22 April 2016

University College London launches interactive shipping map
22 April 2016

This data visualisation shows the path of every trade ship in the world over the course of 2012
City Metric
21 April 

US, China resist shipping emissions curbs at UN meet
Climate Home 
21 April 2016

Video Roundup: Animated AIS, Petrobras on Netflix
The Maritime Executive
20 April 2016

This Mesmerizing Interactive Map Displays Ship Movements Across the Globe
20 April 2016

Growing coalition pushes for cap on CO2 emissions from ships
China Dialogue 
19 April 2016

The tipping point: A new direction in movement
18 April 2016

How Chinese nuclear deal leaves UK vulnerable to catastrophic cyber attack
10 April 2016

DECC Climate 2050 Calculator is a success, says Ricardo
6 April 2016

Cruise Ships Incorporated Into Hull Coatings Big Data Tool
14 March 2016

Vessel Shows 25% Bunker Reduction from Efficiency Retrofits
Ship & Bunker
11 March 2016

Wind Power Can Help Older Tonnage Compete with Newer Eco-Ships, Says New Study
Ship & Bunker
8 March 2016

Energy policy U-turns 'may cost households £120 a year'
The Guardian
3 March 2016

Carbon War Room launches Shipping Efficiency Advisory Board 
Carbon War Room
24 February 2016

Future of gas in UK 'limited' without CCS: UK Energy Research Centre
23 February 2016

New report states wind technology can yield up to 60% fuel savings for ships
Carbon War Room
19 February 2016

EDF to keep four UK nuclear plants open for years longer
BBC Business
16 February2016

As memory of Chernobyl, Fukushima fades, activists renew nuclear warning
29 January 2016 

Could a levy on air and shipping fuel sink emissions?
The Conversation
29 January 2016

How green is your skyscraper? Why the most sustainable buildings might be low-rise 
City Metric
12 January 2016

Two crucial omissions that could jeopardise Paris climate hopes
The Conversation
15 December 2015

Building Greener Ships, to Keep the Sea From Rising
The New York Times
8 December 2015

9 Reasons 2015 Was a Green Year in Shipping
Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
7 December 2015

Paris climate deal must tackle shipping emissions, say experts
5 December 2015

How a global solar alliance can help developing countries
The Conversation
4 December 2015

Why we need a ‘space race’ approach to saving the planet
The Conversation
2 December 2015

Aronnax: Looking for Nemo, the new digital cleantech solution of the future
Lloyd's List 
28 October 2015

Spies guard nuclear sites from China cyberattack
The Times
19 October 2015

Hinkley C's claimed benefits evaporate under scrutiny
The Ecologist
6 October 2015

Researchers are looking to a surprisingly old idea for the next generation of ships: wind power
The Conversation
6 August 2015

Where will nuclear power plants of the future be built?
The Conversation 
18 May 2015

How the energy grid handles the surge after a solar eclipse
The Conversation
19 March 2015

Why a submerged island is the perfect spot for the world’s biggest wind farm
The Conversation 
6 March 2015

Outsourcing and Smart Grid 
Sunday Telegraph  
19 February 2015

Global nuclear decommissioning cost seen underestimated, may spiral
19 January 2015

Nuclear plants closure bill to reach $100bn
Financial Times
12 November 2014

A new approach to traffic control: Ears on the ground
31 October 2014

Super-sized ships arrive in Britain: How big can they get?
The Independent
22 October 2014

Global shipping emissions set to rise unchecked
17 October 2014

Europe needs gas and Russia needs cash, so expect an energy-fuelled reconciliation
The Conversation
15 October

Energy efficient buildings – beware possible health risks
The Conversation
23 September

REEcycle sweeps past the competition by turning waste into a domestic stream of rare earth elements
Scientific American
16 September 2014

Urban Energy Systems and Women in Energy – two themes woven together as C3E symposium gets underway
Scientific American
16 September 2014

Will Solar Float to the Rescue in Japan?
Scientific American
15 September 2014

U.S. petroleum exports rise while East Coast continues to import
Scientific American
11 September 2014

Energy efficiency can negatively impact public health
Scientific American
10 September 2014

Safety is primary focus in GM’s driverless vehicle announcement
Scientific American
9 September 2014

Mexican energy reform may be a bridge to a low carbon economy – or a fossil fuel past
The Conversation
4 September 2014

Rising energy costs and insecurity show EU must get real about reducing demand
The Conversation
23 July 2014

As renewables boom, need for energy storage is more urgent
The Conversation
3 June 2014

Heat subsidies leave hydrogen and fuel cells out in the cold
The Conversation
29 May 2014

The UK powered on 90% renewables by 2030? A bold future for energy
The Guardian
23 May 2014

Retrofitting older buildings: Innovations and necessity
Guardian Sustainable Business
20 May 2014

Keeping out drafts could mean more radon risk at home
23 January 2014

Solar lasers, ocean power and volcanoes: unusual energy sources of the future
13 November 2013

Winning proposal: 'How I secured £5.7m from EPSRC'
Research Professional
September 2013

EcoBuild 2013 round table: State of the art
NBS website
August 2013

Bordass and Leaman drive home the need for simple buildings
Architect's Journal
18 June 2013

Building performance lecture identifies key area for change
13 June 2013

MPs to be briefed on energy future
25 February 2013

Energy bills
Five News
19 February 2013

Fracking laws needed 'to control UK's dash for gas', says MEP
The Observer
10 December 2012

The UK's new dash for gas is a dangerous gamble
New Scientist
7 December 2012

UK to offer shale gas tax breaks
Irish Times
6 December 2012

British economy would be £20bn-a-year better off with focus on wind power
The Independent
4 December 2012

Green Deal woes: Costs of retrofit remain too high
Read: Building Design More: AJ
28 November 2012

Academics make pub pitches for charity
Times Higher Education
4 November 2012

Age gap equals a healthy relationship when choosing a mentor
The National, Abu Dhabi
1 November 2012

Buildings old and new capable of big energy savings
Radio National - The Science Show
20 October 2012

Solving Britain's multi-dimensional energy policy riddle
The Daily Telegraph
11 September 2012

Planning Policy (not available online)
Radio 5 Live
6 September 2012

A Critical Appraisal of Leonardo Maugeri's Decline Rate Assumptions
Oil Price.com
10 July 2012

Busting renewable energy myths
Blue and Green Tomorrow  - The Guide to Limitless Clean Energy (page 6)
2 July 2012

Why the media is misreporting climate change
The Journalism Foundation
29 June 2012

How green is shale gas? (see 3.45pm)
The Guardian Environment Blog
29 May 2012

'An uncertain gas future'
Eolas Magazine
28 May 2012

'Not having credible policy will cost us'
The Herald online
20 April 2012

Will the green deal save homeowners money?
The Guardian Environment Blog
13 April 2012

The green economy: blessing or curse?
The Daily Telegraph online
2 March 2012

Smartphones, the internet and the smart energy revolution
BBC news online
9 December 2011

Crunch time is coming for UK's Green Commitment
New York Times online
27 November 2011

UK "set to miss" climate targets
BBC news online
16 September 2011

What does Japan's disaster mean for the global nuclear industry?
CNN online
16 March 2011

How warm is your home?
BBC Magazine Online
3 March 2011

'The future of shipping is big, slow ships'
Channel 4 News
21 February 2011

Facing the fuel price rise
The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4
8 February 2011

Houses and heating technologies are more efficient than ever so why isn't home energy use in the UK declining? Inside Track (Green Alliance)
February 2011

Tax and smart spending equals clean growth
Daily Telegraph
29 January 2011

How central heating is making you fat
Daily Mail
26 January 2011

The Science of Sustainable Shipping
Naked Scientists Podcast
14 November 2010