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INSIGHT_E: An energy think tank informing the European Commission

INSIGHT_E: An energy think tank informing the European Commission

23 May 2014


UCL-Energy and 11 European partners recently launched the FP7-funded INSIGHT_E project, which will serve as the European Commission's energy think tank for the next three years. Led by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the think tank consortium consists of institutes experienced in delivering policy advice and impact assessments, with expertise across a wide range of fields including energy modelling, economics, environmental impact assessment, legal issues and stakeholder engagement.

The aim of the think tank is to provide policy relevant advice on current European energy issues, supporting the policy development activities of DG ENERGY. Advice is provided through three different mechanisms – policy reports (6 month studies), rapid response energy briefs and hot energy topics. Topics for policy reports and energy briefs will be determined largely by DG ENERGY, while hot energy topics will be based on trend identification, provided by the think tank’s Energy Observatory. The Observatory will be used to track energy trends and issues in Europe, manage energy datasets, disseminate outputs to a large stakeholder network, and manage consortium interactions. It will also help develop and manage a large network of European energy experts, who will help design, draft and review the think tank’s research.

The project, which officially started in February 2014, will run for three years, and is funded under the Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. UCL-Energy’s contribution, led and co-ordinated by Neil Strachan and Steve Pye, will focus on contributing to 3-4 policy reports and a range of different hot energy topics. The type of topics currently being considered include ‘Shale gas, LNG and Natural gas - Prospects for Europe’,Energy policy goals: synergies and tensions’, and ‘European climate targets, and the role of national governments’.

A project brochure containing further information can be downloaded here.

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