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There are several different ways in which organisations can work with UCL Energy Institute.

Collaborate on research

  • Sponsoring a research project allows the industrial sponsor to gain access to the world-leading expertise and facilities available at UCL for projects that range from short-term investigations to longer-term fundamental research. The competencies of UCL-Energy have been built up over many years and are backed by millions of pounds of funding, both from industry and competitive research grants.
  • Becoming a partner in an externally-funded research project can include providing additional skills, facilities, access to data, field studies sites or helping to steer research projects.

Share knowledge and equipment

  • Participate in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership project where government support can provide resources to develop new areas of expertise in a company. Participate in joint research seminars and workshops. Share facilities and equipment.

Collaborate on training

  • Host or sponsor a doctoral student as an intern. PhD students can be engaged in industry-focused research projects either fully funded or part funded (EPSRC CASE awards) by industry. Participate on taught courses by providing case studies.

For more information about how to collaborate, please contact us