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Affiliates and associates

Adriana Allen
Senior Lecturer
UCL Development Planning Unit
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Russell Binions
Research Fellow
UCL Centre for Materials Research
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Steven Bishop
Professor, UCL Mathematics
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Dan Brett
Senior Lecturer
UCL Chemical Engineering
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Nick Chater
Prof of Cognitive & Decision Sciences
UCL Psychology & Language Sciences
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Ben Croxford
Senior Lecturer & EDE Course Director
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Mike Davies
Professor of Building Physics and Environment, BSGS
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Paul Dorfman
Honorary Senior Research Associate, UCL Energy Institute
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Kevin Drake
Senior Lecturer, UCL Mechanical Engineering
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Julian Evans
Prof of Materials & Inorganic Chemistry, UCL Chemistry
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Eric Fraga
Prof. of Process Systems Engineering
UCL Chemical Engineering
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Alistair Greig
Senior Lecturer, UCL Mechanical Engineering
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Xiao Guo
Prof of Chemistry, UCL Chemistry
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Graham Ive
Course Director, CEM
The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Mgmnt
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Nicos Ladommatos
Head of Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
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Soocheol Lee
Affiliate Visiting Professor
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Keith McKenna
Senior Research Fellow, UCL Physics & Astronomy
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Dejan Mumovic
Senior Lecturer in Architectural Engineering
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Peter Raynham
LET Lecturer
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Catherine Redgwell
Professor of International Law
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Ian Ridley
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Design and Engineering, BSGS
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Stefaan Simons
Professor of Chemical Engineering
Director of the Centre for CO2 Technology
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Alex Shluger
Professor of Physics, UCL Physics and Astronomy
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Frank Smith
Goldsmid Professor of Applied Mathematics, UCL Mathematics
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Stephen Smith
Prof of Economics & Dean of Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences
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Nick Tyler
Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering, UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering]
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Paul Wrobel
Prof of Naval Architecture, UCL Mechanical Engineering
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