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Our support for our students continues throughout their career through our alumni network. It extends around the world and includes a large number of senior figures in the industry and founders of well-known firms.

We regularly welcome many of these high achievers back to UCL-Energy at alumni events and as guest lecturers.

To find out more about Bartlett alumni and other Bartlett news and events, contact The Bartlett Communications Team or visit the UCL Alumni page.

Our Alumni (MPhil/PhD)

Lucy Aldous

  • Thesis: Energy mapping and optimization on cruise vessels
  • Current role: Consultant Engineer, Advanced Engineering Group, LOC London

Stephanie Gauthier

  • Thesis: In the UK, what are people’s mental models of their home comfort systems?
  • Curent role: Lecturer in Energy and Buildings, University of Southampton

Ian Hamilton

  • Thesis: The impact of domestic energy efficiency interventions in the UK: developing a methodological framework for energy efficiency programmes
  • Current role: Lecturer and Senior Research Associate in Energy Epidemiology, UCL Energy Institute

Aurore Julien

  • Thesis: Sustainable management of cities under different energy supply interruption scenarios
  • Current role: Sustainability Consultant, Max Fordham

Fabian Kesicki

  • Thesis: Decomposing Long-Run Carbon Abatement Cost Curves – Robustness and Uncertainty”
  • Current role: Energy Analyst, International Energy Agency (IEA)

Francis Li

  • Thesis: Future Approaches to Building Electricity and Heat Demand-Supply Matching for the UK's Strategic National Energy Infrastructure
  • Current role: Research Associate in Energy Systems Modelling, UCL Energy Institute

Stephen Lorimer

  • Thesis: Socioeconomic factors on the energy modelling of appliances and lighting in residential buildings
  • Current role: Network Coordinator and Research Associate for the Sustainable Society Network, The Marron Institute or Urban Management, NYC

Jennifer Love

  • Thesis: Occupant behaviour following home retrofit: uncovering some of the mechanisms behind changes in energy service demand
  • Current role: Consultant, Element Energy

Christophe McGlade

  • Thesis: The effects of uncertainties in the availability of oil and gas on the future global energy system
  • Current role: International Energy Agency (IEA) & Honorary Research Fellow, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources

Megan McMichael

  • Thesis: Social Capital and the Diffusion of Energy-Reducing Innovations in UK Households
  • Current role: ESRC IAA Partnership Project Manager (Research Quality and Impact), University of Sussex

Sung Min Hong

  • Thesis: Benchmarking and Assessing Energy Consumption for the UK Non-domestic Stock
  • Current role: CIBSE Research Associate in Energy Benchmarking, UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE)

Sophie Parker

  • Thesis: Modelling the Economic Impact of Carbon Reduction Policies in Shipping
  • Current role: Assistant Manager, Competition Economics, KPMG

Nishat Rehmatulla

  • Thesis: Policy, market and regulatory instruments, exogenous scenarios through to 2050
  • Current role: Research Associate, UCL Energy Institute

Craig Robertson

  • Thesis: The Role of Information Feedback in Building Design and Construction Practice
  • Current role: Sustainability Specialist, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Ed Sharp

  • Thesis: The spatiotemporal patterns of energy demand and supply in the UK
  • Current role: Research Associate, UCL Energy Institute

Sam Stamp

  • Thesis: Error & Uncertainty in whole house heat loss (Co-Heating) measurements
  • Current role: Teaching Fellow in Building Performance, UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE)

Julia Tomei

  • Thesis: Global policy and local outcomes: the case of biofuels in Guatemala
  • Current role: Research Associate, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources & UCL Energy Institute

Faye Wade

  •     Thesis: Investigating the requirements of decision support to assist plumbers in providing the most appropriate central heating solutions to householders

Peter Warren

  • Thesis: Best practice in energy demand-side management policies
  • Current role: Senior Scientific Officer, Technical Energy Analysis, DECC

What our students think of studying at UCL-Energy

Jennifer Love

Jenny finished her PhD in 2014 and now works for Element Energy in the built environment team. Since then she’s worked on a range of low carbon projects for clients, including energy companies, DECC and a historic buildings charity.

Christophe McGlade

Christophe completed his PhD at the UCL Energy Institute in 2013. He then joined the Institute for Sustainable Resources as a Research Associate and is currently the lead researcher for the Resources and Vectors theme of the UK Energy Research Centre.

Fabian Kesicki

After completing his PhD in 2011 at the UCL Energy Institute, Fabian began work as an energy analyst in the Global Energy Economics Directorate of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris.