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Colin Gleeson
Jennifer Love

Jenny finished her PhD in March 2014 and started working for Element Energy in the built environment team. Since then she has worked on a range of low carbon projects for clients including energy companies, DECC and a historic buildings charity.

Christophe McGlade

Christophe completed his PhD at the UCL Energy Institute in 2013, which aimed to characterise quantitatively the uncertainties that have most influence on long-term projections of oil and gas production. Following his PhD, Christophe joined the Institute for Sustainable Resources as a Research Associate and he is currently lead researcher for the Resources and Vectors theme of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC).


Fabian Kesicki
After having successfully passed his PhD examination in December 2011 at the UCL Energy Institute, Fabian moved to Paris in January 2012 to take up his work as energy analyst in the Global Energy Economics Directorate of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Each year, his team publishes the World Energy Outlook (WEO), the IEA’s flagship publication. Fabian is involved in energy modelling with a focus on climate change mitigation and the industry sector. For the WEO-2012, Fabian worked on the analysis and modelling on energy efficiency and climate change mitigation and drafting of the those chapters. During his time at the UCL Energy Institute, Fabian acquired knowledge and skills that have proven very applicable to his current work, in particular energy modelling.

While Fabian used an optimisation model, UK MARKAL, for his PhD, he now works with a simulation model, which allows him to compare the strengths of each approach and improve the IEA’s energy model based on this experience. Over the next months, Fabian will be involved in various efforts: further developing the industry sector modelling of the IEA’s World Energy Model; contributing to the energy efficiency chapter of the Baseline Report for the UN Sustainable Energy for All Initiative; organising the 32nd edition of the International Energy Workshop;  and work on the special 2013 WEO report on climate change.


Megan McMichael


Lisa Gobio-Thomas

David Samuel
After graduating from the UCL Energy Institute (MRes Energy Demand, 2011), David did a 6 month traineeship at the European Investment Bank (EIB) in Luxembourg, Energy Projects division. At the EIB, David used his skills in energy systems design and modelling, gained from the MRes, to perform techno-economic appraisal of projects applying for EU funding. This culminated in his research report "Economic Cost Analysis of Innovative Energy Technologies" (EIB, NER 300, 2012), and involved: technology comparisons, energy price scenarios, and cost-benefit analysis of energy projects. A range of plant designs were compared: Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) on generating power plants (including DECC commercially funded projects), Advanced Biofuel plants, Offshore Wind, Concentrated Solar Thermal (CSP) and Concentrated Solar Power (CPV).

In early 2013, David moved to Parsons Brinckerhoff UK, an infrastructure engineering consultancy, in a job role as Development Engineer in Power Generation. At the company David works in the Thermal Development Team, doing thermal modelling, conceptual-design and project economics of Independent Power Projects (IPPs). Key technologies include: Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plants, conventional thermal, and renewables. He is also active in PB energy planning and strategic modelling studies.