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Management & administration


Bob Lowe

Director, UCL Energy Institute
Prof. of Energy & Building Science
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Neil Strachan

Deputy Director, UCL Energy Institute
Professor in Energy Economics & Modelling
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Philippa Shallard

BSEER School Manager
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Anna Martinez

Institute Administrator
Personal Assistant to: Professor Neil Strachan
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Gael Anderson

Executive Assistant to Professor Tadj Oreszczyn, Director of BSEER and Professor Bob Lowe, Director of UCL Energy Institute
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Paul Ruyssevelt

Director of Enterprise
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Carlos Huggins

Consultancy Manager
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Cliff Elwell

Department Graduate Tutor
Lecturer in Energy Demand in the Built Environment
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Robert Heller

Teaching Manager
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Mae Oroszlany

PhD Programme Administrator
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Leila Tufekci

Programme Administrator - MRes Energy Demand Studies
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Andreas Schafer

Director of Research
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Kim Novelli

Research, Contracts and Operations Manager
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Len Williamson

Acting Senior Research and Contracts Administrator
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Alison Parker

Centre Manager, RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology & London-Loughborough
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Demand
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James O'Toole

EUED Centres Coordinator
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Kate Rice

Acting WholeSEM Centre Manager
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Media enquiries

Alexander Blackburn

Communications Manager
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Rosanna Seels

Senior Staffing and School Administrator
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Vighnesh Seewoogoolam

Finance & IT Administrator
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UCL-Energy is part of The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER), which has a central administrative team who support all 4 member Institutes.

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