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MPhil/PhD students

Dayang Abu Bakar
Doctoral Researcher
Integrated Decision Support Framework for the Assessment of Oil Palm Bioenergy for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: Malaysia-TIMES Energy Model
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Omotola Adeoye
Doctoral Researcher
Reliability of super-grid wide area electricity networks connecting Europe with North Africa and the Middle East
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Elsa Barazza
Doctoral Researcher
The low-carbon transition of the European electricity sector: understanding investment costs and actors' strategic investment decisions in renewable energy generation assets through an agent-based approach
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Domagoj Baresic
Doctoral Researcher
Barriers facing the diffusion of low carbon thinking into the mainstream of the maritime transport industry regime-A dialectic perspective
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Carrie Behar
Doctoral Researcher
A sociotechnical perspective of ventilation practice; Design, everyday life and change
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George Bennett
Doctoral Researcher
How are the dynamic behaviours of building heating systems represented in the National Calculation methods for EPCs and does this representation lead to inconsistent calculation of space heating and temperatures?
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Kim Bouwer
Doctoral Researcher
Building disappointment: The potential and limitations of liability in tort for problems in domestic buildings with high energy performance
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Pablo Carvajal Sarzosa
Doctoral Researcher
Future energy pathways for Ecuador: A portfolio-based approach for investment decisions in the power sector
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Jonathan Chambers
Doctoral Researcher
Generating a physically based, smart meter data driven model to support efficiency decision making in individual homes
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Jennifer Cronin
Doctoral Researcher
Integrating climate change effects in a bottom-up integrated assessment modelling (IAM) tool
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Benoit Decourt
Doctoral Researcher
Valuing the benefits of power-to-synthetic fuel conversion?
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Andreas Economou
Doctoral Researcher
Investigating the relationship between the real oil price and its drivers across oil market regimes
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Femi Eludoyin
Doctoral Researcher
Rural electrification in Developing Countries: Policy agenda for Sustainability
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Pamela Fennell
Doctoral Researcher
Energy performance contracting. Current title: Factors affecting the success of energy performance contracting projects in UK schools
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Ivan Garcia Kerdan
Doctoral Researcher
An exergy-based modelling tool for retrofit analysis in non-domestic buildings
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Virginia Gori
Doctoral Researcher
A novel method for the estimation of thermophysical properties of walls from short, seasonal-independent in-situ surveys
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Christopher Grainger
Doctoral Researcher
The causal relationship between climate policy and technological change: What can be learnt from machine learning and big data?
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Joel Guilbaud
Doctoral Researcher
The economic potential of hybrid renewable power systems for the mining industry
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Shih-Che Hsu
Doctoral Researcher
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Lisa Iszatt
Doctoral Researcher
Investigating heat and moisture transfer through solid brick walls and the impacts of internal wall insulation
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Badria Jaffar
Doctoral Researcher 
An examination of the residential building stock in Kuwait to inform energy efficiency policy
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Owain Jones
Doctoral Researcher 
The deployment of micro-CHP in the UK and its role in a future low carbon energy system
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Sinan Kalaz
Doctoral Researcher 
Algae Production On-board for Green and Sustainable Shipping
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Tia Kansara
Doctoral Researcher 
Achieving Zero Carbon Zero Waste
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Maria Kikira
Doctoral Researcher 
Energy & Life Cycle Costing of Building Facade
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Philip Krammer
Doctoral Researcher 
International trade and tourism in a CO2-constrained world
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Maragatham Kumar
Doctoral Researcher 
Future energy pathways for Malaysia: An analysis of near-optimal investment strategies and technical feasibility in the power sector
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Priscila Carvalho Lapa Villas Boas
Doctoral Researcher 
Integrating the institutional and policy dimensions of water-energy nexus in Brazil for a sustainable future
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Weibo Li
Doctoral Researcher 
The Model of an Integrated Car Sharing and Bike Sharing System: A case study of Taiyuan, China
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Stephen Lochran
Doctoral Researcher 
Implications of unconventional gas in EU energy supply systems and energy security under climate constraint
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Melinda Matyas
Doctoral Researcher 
Reinventing Multimodal Sustainable Urban Transport: Demand Analysis of a ‘Mobility as a Service’ Concept for London
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Charlie Morris-Marsham
Doctoral Researcher 
Visualising home energy use: can the provision of thermal images affect householders’ mental models of home energy use and influence levels of consumption?
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Paula Morgenstern
Doctoral Researcher 
Understanding hospital electricity use: an end-use(r) perspective
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Tom Neeld
Doctoral Researcher 
Acoustic identification of events in gas fired boilers
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Moira Nicolson
Doctoral Researcher 
Can we use behavioural economics to boost consumer switching rates to smart electricity tariffs? Evidence from randomised control trials
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Ukadike (Uka) Nwaobi
Doctoral Researcher 
The economic appraisal of unconventional gas resources of the United Kingdom
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Eleni Oikonomou
Doctoral Researcher 
Summer overheating in London dwellings: A cross-cultural comparison on occupant behaviour and building interaction
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Eoin O’Keeffe
Doctoral Researcher 
Modelling operations and technologies to deliver low carbon shipping
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Sofie Pelsmakers
Doctoral Researcher 
Pre-1919 suspended timber ground floors in the UK: estimating in-situ U-values and heat loss reduction potential of interventions
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Vishnu Prakash
Doctoral Researcher 
Emissions, efficiency, and shipping markets
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Carlo Raucci
Doctoral Researcher 
The potential of hydrogen fuel in shipping
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Tobias Reinauer
Doctoral Researcher 
Improving the representation of technological change in energy systems models
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Zareen Sethna
Doctoral Researcher 
Energy efficiency in the UK private rented sector: government policy and landlords’ practices
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Trevor Sweetnam
Doctoral Researcher 
Demand Response: Benefits for Domestic Consumers
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Bernard Tembo
Doctoral Researcher - UCL ISR
Energy efficiency in Africa’s Copper Industry: a case-study of Zambian Industry
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Will Usher
Doctoral Researcher
The value of learning about critical energy System Uncertainties
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David Veitch
Doctoral Researcher
Developing improved methods for measurement of ventilation rates in occupied dwellings
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Bojun Wang
Doctoral Researcher
Simulating impacts of airport capacity constraints on airline airfares and the role of airfares in airline supply decision-making under competition
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Xuebing Wang
Doctoral Researcher
The Impacts to the International Aviation Industry by including it to the EU-ETS
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Catherine Willan
Doctoral Researcher 
How does a construction contractor take account of behavioural influences when setting energy targets for its non-domestic buildings projects?
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Yunyang Wu
Doctoral Researcher 
Possibilities and Considerations for High Penetration Renewable System in the National Electricity Market (NEM)
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Eleni Zafeiratou
Doctoral Researcher 
Transforming the Greek islands to renewable energy hubs
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Senami Zamba
Doctoral Researcher 
Energy Access: Key Factors to Sustainability of Energy Access Projects for Inclusive Development
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