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Jennifer Love

Research Subject

Thesis title: Modelling the effect of retrofit on space use of occupants of UK dwellings

Primary supervisor: Prof. Tadj Oreszczyn
Secondary supervisor: Prof. Bob Lowe & Prof. Frank Smith

Jenny will combine monitoring and modelling to understand how one behavioural variable - occupant spatial location - evolves as a result of retrofit of fuel-poor households in dwellings.

She will carry out a longitudinal study of occupant location, temperature field, heating behaviour and energy use within dwellings before and after they are retrofitted. Her mixed methods approach will combine quantitative data from PIR sensors and dataloggers with qualitative data on occupant perceptions of space use and temperature within the dwelling.

The question of use of space in dwellings following retrofit is a policy-relevant one, since there is some evidence that more rooms are used and heated after a retrofit, possibly causing energy use to increase. This is despite the UK government's forthcoming efforts to use retrofit to reduce energy demand in pre-existing dwellings.

This project is part of the People, Energy and Buildings joint project between UCL and EDF R&D.


Jenny completed a physics degree at the University of Oxford in 2005. After a gap year working for a Christian organisation called Agape, she joined the Centre for Doctoral Training at UCL and completed an MSc in Environmental Design and Engineering. She is now working on her PhD.

Jenny's masters dissertation involved learning from the process and results of modelling thermal mass in dwellings.

Her PhD is about the effect of retrofit on heating and non-heating energy use in dwellings, especially looking at the mechanism of change in use of space.

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