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What our students think of studying at UCL-Energy

Francis Li
PhD student, UCL Energy Institute
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Francis Li

"Anyone with a serious interest in international energy issues can tell you that problems such as energy security, climate change mitigation, and global poverty are hugely complex and interlinked.

Research at the UCL Energy Institute aims to address these challenges by cutting across boundaries imposed by traditional "silo thinking" and bringing together people from diverse backgrounds such as the social sciences, physics, economics, public policy, systems thinking, engineering, planning, and architecture. My decision to undertake doctoral research at the Institute was motivated not only by a desire to be at the cutting edge of my own field, but also to be close to some of the best minds academia has to offer and the source of so much groundbreaking multi-disciplinary work. I have yet to be disappointed."

Stephanie Gauthier
PhD student, UCL Energy Institute
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Stephanie Gauthier

"Throughout my research, I have received constant support on where to find information and guidance on relevant training programmes. Last month for instance, we went to Loughborough to attend a course on building control and commissioning, which gave me a good insight into recent research into the whole systems approach from energy options, to supply and usage.

Being part of the UCL Energy Institute also gives me the opportunity to work with researchers from different disciplines; from building services engineers, to social scientists, chemists and economists. This provides a strong collaborative experience."

What our students think of the MRes Energy Demand Studies

"Energy is such an interdisciplinary topic. Coming from a solely engineering background, the MRes really broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to the connections between technology and people." Paula Morgenstern (2011/12 intake)

"I’m really enjoying doing the MRes – it’s been a unique opportunity for me to read and learn widely around the field of energy demand while also going into great depth in the specific area of my research." Mike Fell (2011/12 intake) 

"The MRes in Building Energy Demand Reduction synthesises current energy demand issues and provides an opportunity to explore the issues from a multi-disciplinary angle and at different scales. It is a privilege to be taught by the very best in the field and this combined with the nature of the taught element in small groups, supported with regular seminars and tutorials, has allowed me to engage at an advanced intellectual level. As a student we also have access to staff's expertise and opportunities to draw on the UCL Energy Institute's research projects and data, supporting our own research interests and pursuits. The programme in particular provides a strong basis to become an independent researcher in the field." Sofie Pelsmakers (2011/12 intake) 

"The MRes was a great experience at all levels. The classes provided a unique multi-disciplinary perspective which helped me to grasp the issue of energy demand reduction. The research staff were really helpful and always available to answer my questions and help me in my research." Joel Guilbaud (2011/12 intake)

What our supervisors say

Neil Strachan

Professor Neil Strachan
Professor in Energy Economics & Modelling 
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"Our students are core to the activities of the UCL Energy Institute, both in terms of contributing to the research already underway and in building future research capacity here in the UK and around the world. They are our ambassadors and our legacy. They help to drive the direction of energy research and the long-term viability of the Institute and its mission depends on their success."

Dr David Shipworth
Reader in Energy & the Built Environment
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David Shipworth

"The UCL Energy Institute is a multi-disciplinary research environment looking to foster a community of researchers interested in energy across UCL. Central to this vision is our Doctoral Training Programme and the creation of a next generation of energy researchers whose skills surpass our own.

In order to achieve this vision requires training researchers from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds. We currently have students from a range of non-cognate disciplines, for example economics, physics, chemistry, engineering, and the social sciences. We aim to give these students domain expertise in energy research, while strengthening their native academic disciplinary expertise in theory and methods.

To train multi-disciplinary or inter-disciplinary researchers we need the help of supervisors from outside the UCL Energy Institute disciplinary expertise from across the UCL community."