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Panopticon: Experimental Tales of Jeremy Bentham

15 August - 05 September 2013

Location: UCL North Lodge, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT

Pantopticon: Experimental Tales of Jeremy Bentham

This free collaborative exhibition explores the life, influence and radical ideas of Jeremy Bentham. A display of facsimile manuscripts from UCL Special Collections is enhanced by projected images and text, weaving a different tale for each visitor. The "flexible" display methods will help us understand how exhibition designers and curators can use digital technology to explore multiple narratives from one set of artefacts.

This exhibition showcases two UCL-based research initiatives: Design with Heritage (in collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum) and Transcribe Bentham

Design with Heritage is a twelve-month Creative Economy Knowledge Exchange Project supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). It is run in collaboration between UCL Centre for Sustainable Heritage and the Victoria & Albert Museum. The aim of the project is to develop connections between designers, academic researchers, and arts and heritage institutions by identifying shared interests and creating opportunities for collaboration.

Transcribe Bentham is an award-winning participatory project based at University College London. Its aim is to engage the public in the online transcription of original and unstudied manuscript papers written by Jeremy Bentham, the great philosopher and reformer. To date, over 5500 Bentham manuscripts have been digitally transcribed by volunteers worldwide.

Download the exhibition poster as a PDF

For more information about the exhibition and Design with Heritage, please contact Design with Heritage Coordinator Clio Heslop.