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Collections Demography

Collections Demography

A collaborative interdisciplinary project on holistic understanding of collections as populations of objects

Emissions testing of heritage objects

Heritage Smells!

An interdisciplinary project looking at gaseous emissions from heritage objects and their value in non-destructive diagnostics

Accessible Heritage Research Project

Accessible Heritage

Development and deployment of environmental sensor networks with a supporting policy framework

Change or Damage

Change or Damage?

Effect of Climate on Decorative Furniture Surfaces in Historic Properties

Heritage Intelligence Research Project

Heritage Intelligence

Development of an early warning monitoring system baesd on multisensor wireless sensors network

TeACH Project

TeACH Project

An international project on assessment of the effect of air pollution on moveable and immoveable heritage



An international project on understanding and conservation of plastic artefacts in historic collections

St Pauls Library St. Paul's Cathedral Library Environmental Study
Building Environment Simulation Project The Building Environment Simulation project (BES)
Identical Books Research Project

Identical Books

The condition of books in different nationally significant libraries

Noah's Ark Project

NOAH's ARK Project

Global Climate Change Impact of the Built Heritage and Cultural Landscapes

Climate Change and the Historic Environment research project Climate Change and the Historic Environment
EU Chamber Conservation Solutions (STOA)
Technological Requirements for Solutions in the Conservation and Proection of Historic Monuments and Archaeological Remain
Preventive Conservation Strategies for Protection of Organis Objects in Museums, Historic Buildings and Archives
IMPACT research project IMPACT
Innovative Modelling of Museum Pollution and Conservation Thresholds