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Street mobility and network accessibility: towards tools for overcoming barriers to walking amongst older people

03 April 2013

Street mobility

A group of interdisciplinary scholars at UCL has recently received funding from EPSRC/ESRC/AHRC for a three-year 'Design for Wellbeing' study that aims to develop tools for overcoming community severance (CS). CS occurs where transport infrastructure or the speed or volume of traffic act as a physical or psychological barrier to the movement of people. Such barriers are worse in older and other vulnerable groups, for whom mobility and social ties are fundamental to good health. The aim of our proposal is to develop methods to assess CS at the individual, street and area-wide level to enable research into the effects on mobility, wellbeing and health.

The project team comprises experts in transport engineering and policy, scheme appraisal, geography, urban design, space syntax, epidemiology, public health, anthropology, community engagement, statistics and modelling, as follows: Dr Jennifer Mindell, Professor Nora Groce and Dr Shaun Scholes (Department of Epidemiology & Public Health); Professor Peter Jones, Professor Muki Haklay and Dr Shepley Orr (Faculty of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering); Professor Laura Vaughan (Bartlett School of Graduate Studies).