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Ana Maria Moutinho

Ana Moutinho - Performative Museums

Research subject

Thesis title: Interactive Exhibition Design: Developing Multisensory Experiences

Primary supervisor: Professor Alan Penn
Secondary supervisor: Ava Fatah gen. Schieck
Sponsor: PhD Scholarship from FCT - Fundacao para Ciencia e Tecnologia, Portugal (2010/2014)
Starting date: January 2012 (at UCL)
Projected completion date: July 2012 (at UCL)

Ana’s research interests lie primarily in exploring interaction and in particular within a museum context. In this sense, she combines theory with practice, by developing and implementing museological installations and evaluating the outcome.

She is interested in exploring different types of technologically mediated interactions, in particular the performative and multi-touch interaction.

In a broader sense, the aim is to explore how different types of interaction can contribute to learning processes, understanding the mechanisms of memory construction, perception, central attention and peripheral attention that might influence this process.

Ultimately her research is concerned with creating exhibition spaces, capable of conveying a message, in a playful manner and through a multi-sensory experience, resulting in a significant experience and durable for each user.

Currently she is building a prototype in collaboration with Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. This prototype is based on skeleton tracking, through Kinect camera, and 3D virtual objects from the Petrie Museum collection at UCL, presented in AR. The aim is to engage regular museum visitors with the museum objects through enabling various types of embodied and performative experiences.

This prototype was developed to support various types of embodied and performative experiences when interacting with 3D objects from the Museum collection. The human body (posture and gestures) is in this context the interface of communication with the display content including human.


Ana Maria Moutinho studied Multimedia Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon University (2008). She has a bachelor in Computer Science at the ULHT (Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, 2011) and a Master in Multimedia Art – Interactive Environments from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon University (2011). Ana is currently a PhD candidate at ULHT, Lisbon and a Visiting Research Student at the Bartlett, UCL.

Publications and other work

Moutinho, A., and Fatah gen. Schieck, A. (2012). Exploring a prototyping platform as a generator of performative interactions in a museum context. In Workshop Designing Performative Interactions in Public Spaces DIS 2012, June 11-15, 2012, Newcastle, UK. (under review)