The Bartlett is part of London’s world-class cluster of cutting-edge expertise in the built environment. Nearby are major firms such as Atkins, Wilkinson Eyre, Buro Happold, Land Securities, Mace, Zaha Hadid Architects, plus dozens of smaller, studio-sized consultancies.
Ex-Bartlett students have also found success in other fields as artists, film-makers, writers, actors and policy-makers. For example, Ken Adam, who designed many of the James Bond sets and musician Brett Anderson studied at The Bartlett.
Around a third of our students come from outside the UK, so The Bartlett has a cosmopolitan, friendly and inclusive atmosphere. It’s one reason why our students go on to become the most imaginative, enlightened and entrepreneurial professionals in their fields.
Our eight schools and centres cover a fuller range of built environment disciplines than any other faculty, from planning and architecture to sustainable resources and spatial analysis. The quality of learning across the board is high: many of our programmes are accredited by professional bodies such as the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Royal Town Planning Institute.
There’s no better place to be located for students of the built environment. London is a world city, and The Bartlett is right at the heart of it. Within walking distance are the Foster & Partners’ Great Court at the British Museum, the new King’s Cross Station designed by John McAslan, and Europe’s largest urban regeneration scheme at King’s Cross Central. Further afield are The Shard, Tate Modern and the Olympic Park at Stratford.
The Bartlett alumni have gone on to establish some of the world’s most successful built environment firms and practices. We are currently developing training for future leaders in all kinds of built environment fields.
The influence of The Bartlett students and staff extends into areas far beyond those related directly to the built environment. Our research is addressing some of the greatest challenges facing the world today in fields such as global health, sustainable cities, intercultural interaction, and human well-being.
Great Things Life after The Bartlett: Where students go from here
September. It’s a wonderful month in London. Warm, balmy evenings. Deckchairs in the park. Streets and squares buzzing till late.
And your arrival at The Bartlett.
Well, that’s what we’re hoping for.
Whether you’ve secured a place already or you’re thinking of applying to one of our eight trail-blazing schools, a bright future awaits at The Bartlett.
To prove it, we’ve brought together a diverse band of The Bartlett alumni whose profiles you can explore below. One thing you’ll notice is that time spent here can lead in many directions. We’re one of the world’s most all-encompassing and exciting faculties of the built environment, and part of UCL, too, London’s global university.
Students can’t help discovering other areas of study. In some cases, these discoveries awaken new academic passions; in others they take graduates into professions they never even knew existed.
You’ll be part of great things at The Bartlett, and a degree here could be the start of even greater things – maybe here in London, maybe on the other side of the globe. It will give you a distinctive, radical way of thinking about the world and its resources.
Employers in London and across the world in architecture, planning, construction and engineering say they can recognise that way of thinking, that Bartlettness in a graduate. When they do, they don’t waste any time: more than 90% of our graduates secure full-time employment within six months of completing their course.

Find out where these former students headed.
Each one was new here, one September.
We hope you will be, too.

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The Bartlett
Gynna Millan Franco
Media Coordinator of The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
Studied: MSc Building and Urban Design in Development
Graduated: 2010
'The memory I'll keep forever is of the field trip to Mumbai. A compulsory part of our training was a three-week long trip to a country in the Global South where we were exposed to the real challenges of our career on the ground, and were able to test theoretical frameworks debated during our classes in previous terms.

'I never imagined that the experience gained in Mumbai would transform my approach to development planning, and my future career choices, so radically.

'Soon after starting my second year - I was a part-time student - I became involved in the project for a new website for the DPU. This may sound a bit different from what I was studying at the DPU, but it was perhaps the turning point in finding what I was really passionate about.

'A few months later I was fully involved not just in the development of the new website, but also in research projects that explored the potential of video as a tool for participation in development planning.

'Today I coordinate communication and media activities in the unit, collaborate in research and give guest lectures on the topic that has become my main research interest: "New Media in Development Planning". I also get to travel and work on the ground with communities in developing urban areas.
'One of The Bartlett's most attractive features is the range of schools looking at the real challenges our cities face from different perspectives, and presenting multidisciplinary and collaborative solutions to address them. I'd be confident to recommend The Bartlett to anyone interested in planning for the present and future of the cities we live in.'

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett

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The Bartlett
Megan McMichael
Research Associate at the UCL Energy Institute
Studied: PhD Energy Demand - Human Dimensions
Graduated: 2012
'The UCL Energy Institute offered me a chance to study among colleagues who were also interested in the technical and social aspects of household energy consumption. Studying here emphasised the need for high quality research in the area of home energy use and the sense that each person's research can help make a real and practical difference.

'There are many favourite memories: exploring the campus, working in my first office in Gordon Square, having lunch at Planet Organic or Alara, having meetings in my supervisor's bright, spacious office in the North Cloisters, and coffees in the Print Room café.

'Now, I'm carrying out research as part of the People, Energy & Buildings grant funded by EPSRC in conjunction with EDF. I examine the complexity and variability of energy consuming behaviour, and I use a quantitative approach to further understand those behavioural influences - by incorporating findings into more technologically-focused building and energy models, for example.
'The UCL Energy Institute has grown a lot over the past few years, so there are colleagues here who have a real range of interests and skills. There are opportunities here for pursuing creative, useful and rigorous research. And it's nice to be in an environment filled with people who genuinely want you to succeed.'

UCL Energy Institute
The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett

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The Bartlett
Martin Valentine
Lighting Expert for the Municipality of Abu Dhabi
Studied: MSc Light and Lighting
Graduated: 2003
'When I started my course, I had an engineering background with some consultant lighting design experience and wanted to widen my understanding of the whole subject.

'The course changed me completely and opened my eyes up to the many different facets of lighting design. It covered the technology and lighting calculation side of things that I knew about, but also explored how the eye-brain works, daylighting design and architectural lighting, and how we are affected by light both physically and culturally.

'I went back to my engineering company with my new qualification and became their Lighting Principal. A couple of years later, I joined Stephen Cannon-Brookes at his specialist lighting practice working on exciting museum and private house projects. This led to starting up a specialist lighting division within AECOM, one of the largest multi-disciplinary engineering practices in the UK.
'That was until I got a phone call about the new position of lighting expert for the Municipality of Abu Dhabi. One long flight (and not too much red tape) later, I arrived. Two and a half years later I'm still here, living on the Palm in Dubai, commuting to Abu Dhabi, and setting out the lighting standards and design guidance for, effectively, an entire country.

'I wouldn't be here if I hadn't undertaken the MSc course at The Bartlett. So my advice is, jump at the opportunity if it arrives!'

The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies
The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett

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The Bartlett
David O'Sullivan
Associate Professor, Geography, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Studied: PhD from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA)
Graduated: 2000
'What made The Bartlett different was the combination of architecture, planning and geography all in one place, through CASA.

'The central London location was also an enormous advantage for a research student, with the access you had to library resources both in and outside the University of London.

'The extraordinary number of academic visitors just "passing through" provided real encouragement and also great connections for later. It seemed like every other week there was some international academic visitor giving a seminar or research lecture somewhere nearby, either at The Bartlett or UCL, or some other institution close to hand.
'The dense web of connections I formed as a result of all those academic visitors I was able to meet was invaluable in progressing my career in academia. I stayed on for a few months at The Bartlett, working as a research fellow, before taking up a tenure-track faculty position in Geography at Penn State in the US (2000-04). Then, I moved to the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

'What would I say to someone thinking of joining The Bartlett? Go for it!'

The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett

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The Bartlett
Fabian Kesicki
Energy Analyst at the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris
Studied: PhD in Energy and Economics
Graduated: 2012
'I'm involved in energy modelling and analysis with a focus on climate change mitigation and the industry sector, including analysing current and future energy and emissions trends. Each year, my team publishes the World Energy Outlook (WEO), the IEA's flagship publication and one of the most important publications in the energy field.

'My experience at The Bartlett has had a very positive impact on my career. I was able to do research at a world-class university, and I developed knowledge and skills that have proven very applicable to my current work, particularly in energy modelling. The dissemination of my research at conferences or in peer-reviewed publications has meant I've also learned how to present my work and sell interesting messages to a wider audience, which is important in increasing its impact.
'I'd recommend anyone to join The Bartlett. The approach to energy research there is interdisciplinary and international. You'll meet people from different parts of the world and with backgrounds ranging from economics, law and architecture to physics and engineering, which helps to analyse energy issues from many different perspectives. That broadens your horizons and improves the quality and impact of your research.

'And it makes your time at The Bartlett an unforgettable part of your life.'

UCL Energy Institute
The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett

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The Bartlett
Claire Haywood
Associate Partner at Sheppard Robson
Studied: Diploma in Architecture
Graduated: 1997
'I joined Sheppard Robson in 1998, and over the last 15 years I've worked my way up through the company, working on everything from residential projects in London to the masterplan of a new 1750 sqkm city in Nigeria.

'For the last six years I've been working on mixed-use retail and residential buildings - in particular, the Woolwich Central project, which is the largest Tesco construction project in Europe.

'The Bartlett offered me not only an excellent education in architectural design, but also the opportunity to be taught by the best and globally recognised architectural academics and educators, to learn from practising London architects at crits, and attend a wide range of lectures from visiting academics.

'The Bartlett's ethic of encouraging its students to explore and develop ideas themselves, together with the high level of design and presentation excellence that's expected, has instilled an independent hard-work ethic which has helped me be successful as an architect.
'I have lots of fantastic memories - mostly involving hard work leading to crits by very interesting people, followed by drinks with everyone in the bar afterwards!

'The Bartlett is an experience you won't forget.'

The Bartlett School of Architecture
The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett

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Tom Dyckhoff
Writer, Broadcaster and Architecture Critic for BBC Two's The Culture Show
Studied: MA Architectural History
Graduated: 1995
'In 1994 there were very few places that were really pioneering architectural history as a distinct subject. I was recommended to go to The Bartlett as one of the key places that was really spearheading a new approach to architectural history. It was looking at architectural history thematically, and it was very pioneering in that approach. Also looking at it very much as a political, economic and social thing, as well as a thing about style and art.

'My favourite memory about coming to The Bartlett were the incredible walks we did with these professors and architectural historians, all around London looking at different kinds of architecture.

'I just remember my eyes being incredibly open to architecture then. I didn't really know anything about London other than as a tourist, and we would go on these amazing walks down back alleys, opening doors to churches and modernist buildings from the 1930s. It was a complete revelation to me, both as a tourist and as a student.
'Studying at The Bartlett has given me the most incredible education in architecture. I mean, we had Professor Adrian Forty, who is the man - the man - in architectural history in this country! The way that the course was structured - the thematic approach - allowed me an incredible education, and it's lived with me to this day.

'If anyone's thinking of joining The Bartlett, do it! Don't even hesitate for a moment!'

The Bartlett School of Architecture
The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett

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Lisa Hogben
Project Manager with London Underground on the Cooling the Tube Project
Studied: MSc Project and Enterprise Management
Graduated: 2012
'I work on a project to return ventilation shafts and fans back into service on the Underground - assets that have been out of service for a really, really long time and haven't been maintained. Each time we put one back into service, they lower the temperatures across certain sections of the network and reduce the risk of heat strain to our customers.

'The course at The Bartlett is advertised as part of the graduate scheme for project management at TFL. I attended some discussions with the course director and decided that it sounded right up my street. It combined all the theory as well as a lot of practical study and learning, which I thought would be very beneficial to my work and my future career outside of London Underground.

'I was impressed that the lecturers had a really good mix of practical work experience. They've worked in the industry for a long time, so in lectures you get a really broad range of knowledge that spans all of the theory and research and reading that they've done, as well as examples of when they worked in the industry. One of the lecturers had worked on the Channel Tunnel project, for example, and had loads of great anecdotes and insights about that.
'Every time I meet new graduates coming into TFL, I always advise them to study this Masters course. The experience and knowledge you gain is invaluable. It's hard work, but it's definitely worth it!'

The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management
The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett

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Anna Mavrogianni
Lecturer in Environmental Design and Engineering at The Bartlett
Studied: MSc and PhD Environmental Design and Engineering
Graduated: 2007 and 2012
'I joined The Bartlett because it's a world-leading institution and a real hub of innovation for research in the built environment.

'I think it's mostly about the multi-disciplinary environment and bringing people together from very different backgrounds and disciplines, which is a fundamental requirement for research and innovation in sustainability.

'My favourite memory from my studies was our field trip to the Centre for Sustainable Technology in Wales, where students and staff got to know each other through various activities, including getting our hands dirty building solar collectors.
'Studying and working at The Bartlett has definitely been a life-changing experience for me, in the sense that I've gained cross-cutting knowledge and skills, but also in making me think critically about how this knowledge is generated.'

The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies
The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett

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Anna Urbaniak
Project management consultant on major sporting events
Studied: MSc Project and Enterprise Management
Graduated: 2011
'Most recently, I've been working as a major sporting events specialist with UK Trade and Investment to ensure that all the knowledge and expertise gained by British companies during the London 2012 Olympics can be effectively used and transferred to other major events organisers, including Russia, Brazil and Qatar.

'At The Bartlett, my tutors encouraged me to think outside the box and do things that were not necessarily exactly fitting in to the industry standards. They were also extremely supportive to try to turn those ideas into real things that would have an impact on the industry and the practitioners.

'A good example of that was using the Public Engagement Unit to transfer the knowledge and the expertise that came out of my dissertation research, to practitioners.

'Together with my supervisor, I organised a workshop for over 50 people to make sure that the knowledge from my dissertation was transferred, so it could inform what practitioners do, day to day. By doing that, we were also able to validate the research to make sure it reflected what's happening on the ground, in the industry.
'My supervisor, Joanna Geraldi, guided me through the dissertation process. But she also challenged me, at every single stage of working on my final project. I appreciated very much that opportunity to work very closely with an expert in the field, but at the same time be challenged, and be made to think or rethink my ideas to create an outstanding end product.'

The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management
The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett

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Faraz Baber
Executive Director for Policy at London First
Studied: BSc (Hons) and Postgraduate Professional Diploma in Town and Country Planning
Graduated: 1996 and 1997

'I currently work as an executive director for policy at a business membership organisation called London First, which tries to make sure that London is the best city in the world in which to do business. I specifically work on the property account, so I manage all the planning and development work for many of the major developers that operate in London.

'A combination of things really brought me to The Bartlett. Firstly, I knew about UCL through my cousin, who studied anthropology there, so I knew it was a good university. But then I also learned, once I knew I wanted to do a course around planning and development and surveying, that The Bartlett was well established in this space.

'Following that, obviously, one of the most important elements was the accreditation. Even if you qualify with the degree, it's important that you have the professional accreditation, which The Bartlett offered when I joined, with the Royal Town Planning Institute.
'It was a combination of making sure that it was a good university - it had very good ratings, and university life was good - and also that the course I wanted to do had ticks in all the right boxes. That's why I decided to try and win a place, which I was really pleased about, at The Bartlett.'

The Bartlett School of Planning
The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett The Bartlett

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