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Andreas W. Schäfer is a Professor of Energy and Transport at the UCL Energy Institute, University College London.  He is also the UCL Energy Institute’s Director of Research, a Visiting Professor at the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center at Stanford University, and a Research Affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  He has been a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Transportation for five years.  

Andreas’ publications cover the demand for and supply characteristics of energy and transportation systems.  Examples include econometric models of national, world-regional, and global travel demand, techno-economic assessments of advanced surface and air vehicle technologies, and integrated modeling of the global air transportation system.  In addition to peer review journals, his work was published in popular science magazines, such as Scientific American and American Scientist.  He is lead-author of “Transportation in a Climate-Constrained World”, MIT Press (June 2009).  

Andreas was principal investigator of a number of funded research projects, including the UK Research Council funded “Aviation Integrated Modelling” project ( and the EU FP7 funded “Technology Opportunities and Strategies Toward Climate-Friendly Transport” ( project. 

Prior to joining the UCL Energy Institute, he held appointments at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), MIT, the University of Cambridge, and Stanford University.  Andreas holds a MSc in Aerospace Engineering and a PhD in Energy Economics, both from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.  

Research Summary

Andreas W. Schäfer’s research interests include energy and transportation systems analysis.

Research outputs

Technology limits for reducing EU transport sector CO2 emissions 2012 Dray LM,Schäfer A,Ben-Akiva ME
The impact of airport capacity constraints on future growth in the US air transportation system 2011 Evans A,Schäfer A
Mitigation of aviation emissions of carbon dioxide: Analysis for Europe 2010 Dray L,Evans A,Reynolds T,Schäfer A
The other climate threat: Transportation: A global travel surge is inevitable, but runaway growth of mobility-related cO2 emissions is not 2009 Schafer A,Jacoby HD,Heywood JB,Waitz IA
Transportation in a climate-constrained world 2009 Schäfer A,Heywood JB,Jacoby HD
A comparison of aviation greenhouse gas emission mitigation policies for Europe 2009 Dray LM,Evans A,Reynolds TG,Schäfer A
Simulating flight routing network responses to airport capacity constraints in the US 2009 Evans AD,Schäfer A
Modelling airline network routing and scheduling under airport capacity constraints 2008 Evans AD,Schäfer A,Dray L
Network and environmental impacts of passenger and airline response to cost and delay 2008 Dray LM,Evans A,Vera-Morales M,Reynolds TG,Schäfer A
Modelling environmental & economic impacts of aviation: Introducing the aviation integrated modelling project 2007 Reynolds TG,Barrett S,Dray LM,Evans AD,Köhler MO,Morales MV,Schäfer A,Wadud Z,Britter R,Hallam H,Hunsley R
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Research activities

Aviation Integrated Modelling Project
Feasibility Study of Mobility-as-a-Service concept for London