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The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies is the source of some of the most outstanding minds and most influential research in the field of the built environment. Our work tackles some of the greatest challenges facing mankind, in areas such as health, sustainable cities and human well-being. We are part of The Bartlett: UCL's global faculty of the built environment.



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Research outputs

Looking beneath Dalí's paint: Non-destructive canvas analysis 2014 Oriola M,Campo G,Nualart-Torroja A,Možir A,Garside P,Civil I,Odlyha M,Cassar M,Strlič M
Environmentally induced colour change during natural degradation of selected polymers 2013 Pastorelli G,Cassar M,Strlič M,Cucci C,Garcia O,Piantanida G,Elnaggar A
Damage functions in heritage science 2013 Strlič M,Thickett D,Taylor J,Cassar M
Climate change mitigation strategies for mechanically controlled repositories: Thecase of The National Archives, Kew 2012 Hong SH,Strlič M,Ridley I,Cassar M,Ntanos K,Bell N
The past and the future of chromogenic colour photographs: lifetime modelling using near-infrared spectroscopy & enhancement using hypoxia 2012 Fenech A,Strlic M,Cassar M
The effect of volatile organic compounds and hypoxia on paper degradation 2011 Strlic M,Cigic IK,Mozir A,de Bruin G,Kolar J,Cassar M
Energy Reduction and the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: a Review of Past, Present and Forthcoming Initiatives 2011 Cassar M
Emission of reactive oxygen species during degradation of iron gall ink 2010 Strlic M,Menart E,Cigic IK,Kolar J,de Bruin G,Cassar M
The Atlas of Climate Change Impact on European Cultural Heritage 2010 -
Volatile aldehydes in libraries and archives 2010 Fenech A,Strlic M,Cigic IK,Levart A,Gibson LT,de Bruin G,Ntanos K,Kolar J,Cassar M
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Research activities

EPSRC Centre of Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology