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Charlotte joined the Institute of Sustainable Resources as a research associate in April 2013 to map UCL’s research expertise in urban sustainability.  In November she was awarded a Public Engagement Fellowship to study the role assigned to 'the public' in energy policy research.  During this Fellowship Charlotte is developing collaborative research projects with local authorities and not-for-profit groups related to their sustainability priorities.

Prior to joining ISR, Charlotte studied for a BA in anthropology and geography at UCL and then worked as a freelance filmmaker making advocacy films for international development NGOs. After seven years working on films in Africa, Asia and Europe for organisations such as UNV, Save the Children, Care International and VSO she returned to UCL to do an MRes in East European Studies. Through this she was able to shape her broad interest in economic development and social change to a specific engagement with politics of resource provisioning and urban development. 

Charlotte's PhD focused on energy and finance in Serbia. She carried out ethnographic research on the interaction between domestic space, urban infrastructure, socio-economic change in Belgrade.

As well as her academic engagement with sustainability she has policy research experience having worked on projects for the Scottish Government and the International Energy Agency.

Research Summary

Charlotte’s research focusses on infrastructure, energy, financialisiation and the material culture of the home. She draws on theories from anthropology, economic geography and STS.

As part of her Public Engagement Fellowship, Charlotte will be developing research projects in collaboration with public sector and community groups that support low carbon urban energy use.

Research outputs

District heating: a hot idea whose time has come 2014 Johnson CE
PICKS : Exploring Post-Disciplinary Knowledge in a University ’ s Urban Sustainability Research Landscape 2014 Johnson C,Austwick MZ
Modernising Building Energy Codes 2013 Saheb Y,Saussay A,Johnson CE,Blyth A,Mishra A,Gueret T
Review of 'Belgrade: a Cultural and Literary History' by D. A Norris 2009 Johnson CE
The status of gates in Belgrade: Notes on style and markets 2009 Johnson CE
Radiators: A source of anxiety in Serbian homes - Johnson CE
Renovation of EU building stocks: an opportunity to reduce EU gas dependency - Saheb Y,Johnson CE,Saussay A,Rozite V
Demolition or Refurbishment of Social Housing? A review of the evidence - Crawford K,Johnson CE,Davies F,Sunyoung J,Bell S

Research activities

Mapping cross disciplinary research interests in cities & resources at UCL
Public Engagement Fellowship
Refurbishment and Demolition of Social Housing in London