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Place Alliance is a movement for place quality. It is founded on the idea that through collaboration and better communication we can establish a culture whereby the quality of place becomes an everyday national and local priority.  Place Alliance is open to all and brings together organisations and individuals who share the belief that the quality of our built environment has a profound influence on people's lives. 

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Place Alliance is excited to announce its first Summer School taking place from 15 of September till Saturday 17 of September 2016 in London at UCL.
The programme will focus on skills development within local planning authorities and other public sector bodies – highways authorities, the HCA, government departments, etc. – although the summer school would also be open to incoming students and to other professionals wishing to up their skills levels or simply hear about the latest thinking and practice in urban design.

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About Us

Rob Cowan for Place Alliance

The Place Alliance brings together organisations and individuals who share a belief that the quality of the built environment – the places in which we live, work and play – has a profound influence on people’s lives. We believe that through collaboration we can create and maintain better places. To this end, Place Alliance supporters share knowledge and support each other to demand and realise buildings, streets and spaces that enhance the quality of life for all.

Together we aim to:

• Inspire and raise aspirations for places

• Support dialogue and collaboration to improve place quality

• Build and share evidence, knowledge and resources

• Influence policy, practice and behaviour to achieve better place quality

• Be open and accessible to all interested individuals and organisations

Our vision is:

  1. That place quality has a value that is recognised by all 
  2. That the quality of buildings, streets, and spaces is always given a high priority by those who have the power to shape them
  3. That national and local government recognises the vital contribution of the quality of place to the economic, social and cultural life of the nation and to achieving environmental sustainability
  4. That the professionals responsible for making and managing places, work constructively together and with local communities to shape high quality local environments.

Place quality refers to the recognisable and desirable qualities that the most successful parts of our villages, towns and cities share:

friendly open, cherished and characterful
fair inclusive, healthy and low impact
flourishing adaptable, dynamic and diverse
fun  vibrant, playful and stimulating
free  safe, accessible and democratic

Read a note about our Governance arrangements, our full statement on how Place Matters and down load our Statement of Purpose.

We have also published our first Annual Review - 2015.

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Place Alliance Supporters can use these logos to help people recognize our identity and reach.

Logo version 1 

Logo version 2

Become a Place Alliance Supporter if you agree with our vision!

Just complete this SUPPORTERS FORM and send it to placealliance@ucl.ac.uk


Supporters Logos - Organisations

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Dimah Ajeeb Cllr Nicholas Bennett Joao Bento
Tony Burton Chia-Lin Chen Dr Alina Congreve
Mark Ellison Stefania Fiorentino Hooman Foroughmand Araabi
Vincent Goodstadt Professor Colin Haylock Luke Hillson
Elisabeta Ilie

Tony Ingram

Peter Karpinsky
Nigel Longstaff Steve McKenna John Pulford
Debbie Sorkin Zoe Spiliopoulou  Dr Helen Walker
Justin Webber Dr James White John Worthington

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Place Resources: join the exercise!

Following our mapping exercise from 2014, we are adding all the online resources into our ‘Open Source Place Resource’ – join us by adding more and rating those already online!

Follow this link to our interactive site

The Place Alliance map

This is a live record of Place Quality work via an online questionnaire about the types of place quality activities already underway across the country.

Read the 2014 report  and look at the Big Meet 3 presentation

Zoom in to see activities in your area.

This map was created using Google's open source software.

We want to keep this map updated with results. Join the exercise & complete our survey!

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You can get in touch with the Place Alliance and Professor Matthew Carmona (Chair) through our Management team (Lucy Natarajan and Valentina Giordano) at The Bartlett, UCL by emailing placealliance@ucl.ac.uk.