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Good City Process

13:00 29 November 2012

Location: Room 517A, Wates House, 22 Gordon Street WC1H 0QB

BSP Seminar Series

Professor Micheal Neuman, University of New South Wales

How do we know when a city is truly sustainable? Is it even possible for cities in a global age to be so? How can professional and governance practices retool to enable truly sustainable urbanism? Urbanists plan and design forms, traditionally. Yet in nature as in cities, humans, other species and ecosystems - including cities - live, evolve, and adapt through processes.

Understanding processes is key to designing, building, managing, and governing the city region sustainably. Process knowledge guides everything from site planning and material selection to constructions methods and assessing sustainability. After all, the active verb 'sustain' means to keep a process going over a long time, so it's durable.

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