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Postgraduate programmes at The Bartlett School of Planning

Other postgraduate programmes at the Bartlett

School of Architecture
MArchArch MArch Architecture
The course has an international reputation and encourages both a rigorous professional approach to architecture within a highly speculative and creative context.
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MArch Graduate Architectural Design
A 12-month full-time programme offering the opportunity to be involved in the world of advanced speculative research in architectural design.

MArch Urban Design MArch Urban Design
The course emphasises the importance of design creativity, in keeping with the spirit of intellectual freedom, wit and experimental urge, which has given the Bartlett its international reputation.
Architectural History thumb MA Architectural History
This programme is the UK's longest established and best known master's course in the historical, theoretical and critical interpretation of architecture, cities, urban spaces and creative practices.
MRes Adaptive Architecture Space Syntax: MSc/MRes Adaptive Architecture and Computation
Our Adaptive Architecture and Computation programme (MSc/MRes AAC) offers a unique perspective on the application of technology to the built environment.
MRes/MSc Spacial Design Space Syntax: MSc/MRes Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities
The Spatial Design: Architecture & Cities programme cultivates a unique mission for students who arrive from the UK, Europe and many parts of the world...
CASA programmes

Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

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MSc Smart Cities & Urban AnalyticsThis programme is unique in its focus on the core research challenges that relate to the infrastructure of smart cities...
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MRes Advanced Spatial Analysis and VisualisationThis course reflects the latest developments in spatial data analysis and visualisation reflecting CASA's reputation in the fields of geographic, urban and architectural information systems.
School of Construction & Project Management
CEM MSc Construction Economics and Management
MSc CEM equips graduates with the economics and management skills to analyse the problems which confront senior managers, policy advisers and decision-makers in any branch of the construction industry.
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MSc/Dip Project Enterprise and Management
Aimed at those wishing to establish a career or advance their role in project management, this MSc equips students with an understanding of cutting-edge thinking ...
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MSc/Dip Strategic Management of Projects
MSc SMP offers a unique opportunity for ambitious individuals to develop their project leadership potential and make a vital contribution to the strategic direction ...
Development Planning Unit
transformation MSc Building and Urban Design in Development
The programme focuses on taking a community-oriented, participatory approach to spatial design.
Africa MSc Development Administration and Planning
Designed to equip participants with the analytical, methodological and practical expertise needed to make a positive contribution to development in countries ...
Urban agriculture MSc Environment and Sustainable Development
Reflects the increasing recognition that environmental concerns are closely linked to the way development theory and practice are conceived and applied.
Weighting MSc Social Development Practice
The increasingly 'people-centred' approach of development in the late 20th and early 21st century has led to a greater focus on the social dimensions of development.
Mumbai MSc Urban Development Planning
Focused on international practices in urban development policy, planning and management addressing spatial, socio-economic and political transformation ...
Bangkok MSc Urban Economic Development
Our central concern is to identify methods of enhancing urban productivity while promoting sustainability and equity through public intervention at the city level.
UCL Energy Institute
msc-in-epee-thumbnail MRes Energy Demand Studies
Applications are now open for our one-year stand-alone Masters of Research (MRes) programme. The aim of this exciting new programme is to provide a superb grounding in the required skills and knowledge to pursue a career in industry or academia. 
MRes / PhD Programme MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment
This new MSc is unique in the UK in focussing on five core areas which have risen rapidly up the public agenda – environment, climate and energy economics, modelling and policy – and for which there is a need for highly qualified practitioners with the skills to analyse the issues and relate the results to policy.
MSc EDE MSc/Dip Environmental Design and Engineering
Established for over 25 years, the course is interdisciplinary in all its aspects, dealing with environmental issues associated with buildings.
Facility and Environmental Management (London) MSc/Dip Facility and Environment Management
MSc Facility and Environment Management addresses the concern of the use and performance of buildings and support services over time.
Singapore Skyline small MSc/Dip Facility and Environment Management (Singapore)
MSc Facility and Environment Management addresses the concern of the use and performance of buildings and support services over time.
Light and lighting MSc/Dip Light and Lighting
Europe's long-standing specialist graduate lighting course attracting participants with diverse backgrounds in architecture, interior design, industrial design ...
Institute for Sustainable Heritage
Heritage Science thumb MRes Heritage Science
An interdisciplinary programme that takes an innovative approach to the teaching of 'hard' science subjects by taking cultural heritage as its context.
Sustainable heritage MSc/Dip Sustainable Heritage
The innovative content and delivery of the course will be attractive to those with an aptitude for inter-disciplinary work who wish to make a difference in the heritage field.